Friday, May 06, 2005

yo yo... haha..
now "exploring" wad i can do with the ijc students' portal thingy...
haha.. $20++ for it..
but basically ( jss students should know this)
its sort off like the (now defunct lol) EMB...
only more high class.. haha...
maybe that's why muz pay.. haha

hmmm.. the secret service (SS) is my new code word for them..
haha... think most of u dunno wad i mean..
hmm.. ask me personally ok??

niwaez... tml is the "big" performance..
haha.. will be wearing a damn STOOOPID costume..
haish.. tml, from 8-12.30, i won't be siti..
i'll be...... ET!!! yay!! haha...
sorry.. i'm a bit nuts..
juz that i really think its a bit dumb lahz..
"alien antaennas (how do u spell this word??)",
stupid scratchy thingy,
this really uncomfortable 'sanggul' (headdress sorta),
a blue baju that's like similar to innova pe t-shirt colour
(actually not similar.. exactly the same!!!)
oh well.. haha...

hmmm.. i've been feeling this for the past few days..
"u CaN iGnOrE mE
bUt DuN sHoW hOsTiLiTy ToWaRdS mE
cOz ThAt JuZ SUX!!!"
juz somebody who was getting on my nerves..
oh well.. not worth my anger actually.. juz fed-up..
and dun ask me who... coz i won't tell.. haha..

now chatting with nurul.. haish..
long time never talk and see her..
then saw hazmi when i going home juz now..
complaining that he was sick of skool... haha..
well.. i'm still missing everyone..
hope can see u guys sometime soon..

okiez.. me gg offline soon lahz..
coz haven't even ironed the stuff i need for tml..
hmm to IJC's MCS who are performing tml..
ignore the obstacles ok?? show them it can be done...

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