Monday, May 02, 2005

PW RAWKS *sarcastic tone here*!!!!!

irresponsible me at work again...
should of course be finishing my PI...
regret to say that my VERY short attention span is distracting me frm work...
how "great"... sometimes i juz HATE my attitude...
miss procrastinator, "will u please wake up???" haish..
don't think so lahz.. coz i've been trying to wake myself up since FOREVER..
always doesn't work... haish...
Siti... wish you all the best in facing the next 1&1/2 years..
supposedly a time when procrastinators shold not be procrastinating...
GOOD LUCK GAL... haish..
anybody noe a cure for a procrastintor with short attention span??
coz this is a very lethal combination that needs to be nipped...

anyway... haha.. actually juz came up with a topic this afternoon..
can u believe it?? haish... and its really crappy idea..
only good thing is that it's helping me polish my BS-ing skills... haish..
actually.. i'm not stressed..
juz worried.. i guess... this is an exam after all... haish..

anyway.. onto brighter topics..
went to lot 1 yesterday..
go eat at this place..
forget what's the name..
but really really nice food..
stuffed myself.. is it a wonder that i'm fat??
haish... who cares.. like i said..
GREAT FOOD!! haha...
oh ya... bought new cd juz now..
anybody remember the compilation called BIG??
yup.. that's wad i bought..
wanted to buy sth else but can't find it...
so.. may as well =)
anyway... saving up for a bag, wallet and
yup.. haha... maybe by 1st oct if i still dun have it...
*hint hint* 1st oct is of course my bdae.. haha..

ok.. now is 1159 pm..
let's force myself to finish my PI before 1230..
very possible coz i only have about 96 words more to write..
(now u guys noe how horrible my work attitude is??)
haish.. nite nite..

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