Sunday, May 08, 2005

hihi.. me juz bored...
so blogging in lahz... haha..
oh ya.. how can i forget..

ok let's talk about yesterday..
haha.. pretty fun...
HCI is so damn nice lahz..
as in the building...
WOW... like some...
i dunno... agree with faiz..
it looks like a resort..
but like wani said..
if u wanna pon class
there's sooooo many places to hide...
haha... damn funny lahz...

so the performance...
(by the way... for those who dunno,
it was a malay dance performance..
can u imagine? me in dance?)
i tot i was pretty crappy lahz..
oh well.. haha..
and adeel told me that mr azhar said
i looked liKE I was doing AEROBICS!!!!
can u believe that?? Oh well...
wAD can i say... haish.. i felt i was doing horribly..
haha.. the dikir pple were great though!!!
(tarian was of course great too... duh!!!)
haha.. dunno why, even before zul said anything
pple were already laughing.. why ah?? haha...
and man... i love munirah's voice.. its sooo nice..
hmmm.. sth happened to dampen our spirits though..
but to the person who caused it (not ariff...)

after that we go eat... haha..
long time never eat there liaoz.. at adam's road..
hmmm... dunno why some pple
juz can't make up HIS mind whether to eat or not..
haish.. in the end ate ice kacang and fought with faiz
for jelly.. faiz.. be careful..
later ur eyes roll out.. haha..
dunno why after all my rolling my eyes still intact.. haha..

hmmm.. life's soooo busy..
got sooo many things to do..
now's 12:26pm..
better start on my mountain of hmwk..
oh well.. gotta do research for my PBL topic!!

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