Tuesday, May 10, 2005

hey hey.. haha.. guess wad??
now its 1240 in the afternoon and i'm at home!!!
haha... ok.. iwas dumb.. i dunno how to walk!!!
fell... hurt my leg.. a lot!! oooohh..
but at least can take advantage..
get extra rest!!!
i need it.. haish... ok..
i noe some of u seems to have more stress...
but lately i seem to be extra weak..
dunno why... haish...

oh ya!!! yesterday was NAPFA..
i did it!!!i passed my
i haven't passed since...
the first time i started training??
that would be about 2 mths ago??
YAY!!! haha.. now only 2.4 left..
can pass lahz... coz i only need to get 1 pt..
since i'm already a confirmed bronze..
(i only jumped 153 for SBJ.. duh!!)
oh well... let's hope my mind is strong enough..
6 rounds round the stooopid track...
at least the sports skool area is quite nice..
haha.. ok.. will be doing it tml..
yay.. only one more day and can go back to...
PLAYING GAMES!!!! haha.. can't wait!!

ok.. me gotta log off liaoz.. doing hmwk.. =)
i think.. haha.. oh ya..
tml there's this council-student forum..
students come into the LT to ask us qns..
my dear frenz.. come and support me ok??
haha... its ok if u can't love u guys either way!!!

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