Friday, May 20, 2005

attack of the flying ants!!!

i am NEVER climbing to the top of tellytubby hill ever again!!!!
especially not from the side of SSS towards skool..
eeew.. attack of the flying ants...
the ants were basically covering our body...
and noooo... i'm NOT exxagerating.. eeee....
i can still feel the ants crawling all over me..
and can u believe it?? i even found some in my hair..
i was in the train when i discovered that..
i immediately went down at the next stop (bt batok)
and grabbed a taxi... coz i wanna reach home ASAP
and take a nice cleaning shower!!
i shampooed my hair 3 times and soaped my body twice...
now at least i'm feeling cleaner and ant free..

haha.. okiez... juz now was the principal's forum thingy
and i had to do ushering..
actually they mainly needed us to help the principals fly kite..
however.. due to bad weather there was no kite flying..
so... instead of letting us go...
they made us wait all the way until 6.30...
we started at about 1.30.. waste of time...
but its ok.. haha... got to noe the councillors better..
really really really great people.. haha..
found out that they can be as crazy as JSS 21st SC!!! haha..
the things we crapped about in the SSS dining hall.. haish..
widad, mark and hanafie.. u guys are soo diiirrty minded..
wadeva.. "hanafie felt balls on the MRT"
ok.. it isn't as dirty as it sounds...
its made up of words randomly picked up from 4 diff sentences.. haha..
totally lame.. haha.. but i haven't had this kinda lameness in quite sometime..

so at the end of the day only 11 pple were left..
me,raf,widad,mark,hanafie,lindsay,at,tristan,shawn,buvanese, shuek yi..
and... they rewarded us for staying all the way..
we got like one kite per person, and a LOT of food..
haha... it's like they were sooo dying to dump the food on us..
then... some of us tot we wanted to go fly kite..
and the tellytubby hill seemed like the BEST place..
sooooo WRONG!!! i never knew a worst location..
luckily the principals wasn't supposed to fly their kites there..
if not they definitely would have been attacked by FLYING ants..
(ok.. the rest of the story is at the beginnig of the post..)

ok... haha... all about my day.. must do flag day tml..
wish me luck that it isn't going to rain,
or its not gonna be too hot,
or i'm gonna die of boredom..
nitez... sleeping earlier than normal
coz i'm really really tired.. NITEZ!!!

p/s we gonna be doing v little running in PE..
so for now.. my wish is granted!!! haha..

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