Wednesday, May 18, 2005

another f***-ed day

hey.. 2 days in a row...
i declare this week the f***-ed up days week..
haish... wadeva lahz.. dunnolahz..
it's juz soooo f***-ed up.. sorry about the language..
juz that i sooo can't take it.. dunnolahz..
everything's juz happening at once..
everything not good is happening at once.
and i dun care about hmwk stress..that's normal.. but..
talk about your series of bad luck..
exactly wad i'm having now...

yesterday election day..
doesnt really matter to me lahz..
but sooome pple dun need to act
like as if its SOOO big a deal... WTH!!!
i'm juz sooo fed-up.. wadeva..
dun vote for me lahz.. CRAP!!
other stuff happened also lahz but...
i juz can't be bothered to talk about it..
but the events was enoughto make me use (or think)
the word fuck to describe the day..
never done that b4..

today... it continues.. haish... i mean wassup man?
in skool suffering from stomach pain..
dunno wad kinda pain also..
i dun experience cramps..
i dun get gastric.. so??
think it has sth to do with my lack of appetite..
but its ok if i dun eat... i'm sooo FAT already!!
then some pple praised my work in front of others..
but when talking one to one throw it right back at me..
WADEVA!!! but i noe it is my fault..
got good idea but give in sloppy work.. wad do i EXPECT??
juz now was the last straw.. i was practicaal screaming!!
i was ready to have my PI printed out..
typed out nice and neat.. and i lost the document!!!
please dun ask m wad the hell happened..juz that i lost the damn thing...
luckily i got the basic original saved in my e-mail outbox..
sorry sufie.. u had to wait for me!!!
anyway... thanks for helping me print :)
that was the only thing that went right for me today..haish... worse thing of the day??
juz found out my uncle and the fren he always go to work with
got involved in motorcycle accident.. luckily its minor injury..
although now its 0035 and he's still waiting at the hospital to be x-rayed...
there are always cars, lorries, buses
if u wanna drive ur own vehicle..
juz stay away from motorcycles please!!
i lost a cousin to a motorcycle accident 1++ yrs back...
i'm not closed to him lahz.. but still.. his parents was devastated..
and he was only a few months away from his ORD date..
oh well that's life.. only have to leave it to GOD...

okiez.. gotta go.. need to sleep.. tml malay test..
still havent study for ANY of the 2 mly tests i have..
wadeva.. who cares!!! actually sth else that's good happened to me lahz..
i'm the proud owner of another hand me down hp..this time from my mom..
its a sony ericsson T160..there's camera...
for those frenz of mine who LOVES taking photos :)

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