Friday, May 13, 2005

3 day update..

heyhey.. quite "long" never update..
haha.. ok.. 2 days...
let's give u a summary of the past days..

NAPFA test!!!! i'm finally done with it..
no more worries.. GAMES!!! here i come..
ok.. they might make us run 1 or rounds..
occassionally(i hope...) but.. WHO CARES???
can walk liaoz lorz.. no more PRESSURE
to finish within a certain time.. haish..
and i ran even though i juz sprained my ankle..
haha.. so ya.. got a timing of 16.54... slow right??
after skool there was this student-council forum thingy..
basically the students are supposed to ask us qns lahz...
then... got this guy.. who was like TOTALLY shooting us..
its not that we can't take criticism its juz that we can't
stand people who are soooo insensitive... like...
if u wanna talk sooo much.. come join us in council lahz..
come on... ask us to respect the students but hello???
we respect u, u dun respect us... got wad use??
wadeva... ok.. i'm done venting... some people..

nothing much on this day...
juz that had to stay for extended MLA lesson..
haish.. luckily cikgu didn't extend it to 5.40..
as was the initial plan.. can die sia.. haish...
oh ya.. then as me, filzah,nilufer was going out of skool,
there was this really big dog squeezing in from the
CONSTRUCTION SITE!!! which is basically also IJC area..
i mean i love animals (even doggies) but..
BIG doggies can be really scary.. and of coz..
doggies are haram... hehe...

today(friday the 13/5)
Faiz!!!!! SORRY!!!! SOOOO SORRY!!! =(((
didn't mean to make us late...
sorry... for having to wait for me AND zool... haish.. anyway..
keeping to the tradition of bad luck on fri 13th for me,
(remember coke on my barely eaten LJS meal??)
i came late to skool today... as in got CAUGHT kinda late..
wad's the big deal? the deal is i haven't came skool late since pri skool??
so.. yup... usually i reach skool on the dot at 8 or earlier (known to happen)
but never this late!!! SORRY!!!! hmmm...
zool sorry also lahz coz i make u late for the 1st time this term...
but faiz deserves the most sorry...
coz always muz wait for us.. SORRY!!!
niwaez... on to "happier" things..
went to watch kingdom of heaven just now..
ooooo... nice... haha...
i'm a history buff... esp religious history..
the movie was right up my lane lahz...
coz its FULL of religious history... haha...
then juz came back from watching this comedy..
a regular one night stand... its funny.. haha..
by this australian group.. MOST of it was impromptu...
haha.. dunno there was sooo many other uses (ok, 1) for a microphone stand..
HAHA!!! hmmm... to gab,chanel,aaron..
thank you sooo much for waiting for me..
sorry i was late (i'm a serial late comer...)
went to watch kingdom of heaven lahz...
lasted for about 21/2 hour.. and ya...
wei ling brought yeda along.. sooo cool!!!
missed her.. haha...
then there was this large words that said
"I WAS HERE" outside the arts house..
we took photos there!!! haha... and ya...
the arts house used to be a parliament building
and all the parliament furniture is still there.. haha...
like we in parliament like that... haha.. sorry...
i very JAKUN!!!

ok.. so that's my "summary"
fo the past days... gg to sleep liaoz...
nitez.. happy fri 13th??

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