Friday, May 20, 2005

attack of the flying ants!!!

i am NEVER climbing to the top of tellytubby hill ever again!!!!
especially not from the side of SSS towards skool..
eeew.. attack of the flying ants...
the ants were basically covering our body...
and noooo... i'm NOT exxagerating.. eeee....
i can still feel the ants crawling all over me..
and can u believe it?? i even found some in my hair..
i was in the train when i discovered that..
i immediately went down at the next stop (bt batok)
and grabbed a taxi... coz i wanna reach home ASAP
and take a nice cleaning shower!!
i shampooed my hair 3 times and soaped my body twice...
now at least i'm feeling cleaner and ant free..

haha.. okiez... juz now was the principal's forum thingy
and i had to do ushering..
actually they mainly needed us to help the principals fly kite..
however.. due to bad weather there was no kite flying..
so... instead of letting us go...
they made us wait all the way until 6.30...
we started at about 1.30.. waste of time...
but its ok.. haha... got to noe the councillors better..
really really really great people.. haha..
found out that they can be as crazy as JSS 21st SC!!! haha..
the things we crapped about in the SSS dining hall.. haish..
widad, mark and hanafie.. u guys are soo diiirrty minded..
wadeva.. "hanafie felt balls on the MRT"
ok.. it isn't as dirty as it sounds...
its made up of words randomly picked up from 4 diff sentences.. haha..
totally lame.. haha.. but i haven't had this kinda lameness in quite sometime..

so at the end of the day only 11 pple were left..
me,raf,widad,mark,hanafie,lindsay,at,tristan,shawn,buvanese, shuek yi..
and... they rewarded us for staying all the way..
we got like one kite per person, and a LOT of food..
haha... it's like they were sooo dying to dump the food on us..
then... some of us tot we wanted to go fly kite..
and the tellytubby hill seemed like the BEST place..
sooooo WRONG!!! i never knew a worst location..
luckily the principals wasn't supposed to fly their kites there..
if not they definitely would have been attacked by FLYING ants..
(ok.. the rest of the story is at the beginnig of the post..)

ok... haha... all about my day.. must do flag day tml..
wish me luck that it isn't going to rain,
or its not gonna be too hot,
or i'm gonna die of boredom..
nitez... sleeping earlier than normal
coz i'm really really tired.. NITEZ!!!

p/s we gonna be doing v little running in PE..
so for now.. my wish is granted!!! haha..

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

another f***-ed day

hey.. 2 days in a row...
i declare this week the f***-ed up days week..
haish... wadeva lahz.. dunnolahz..
it's juz soooo f***-ed up.. sorry about the language..
juz that i sooo can't take it.. dunnolahz..
everything's juz happening at once..
everything not good is happening at once.
and i dun care about hmwk stress..that's normal.. but..
talk about your series of bad luck..
exactly wad i'm having now...

yesterday election day..
doesnt really matter to me lahz..
but sooome pple dun need to act
like as if its SOOO big a deal... WTH!!!
i'm juz sooo fed-up.. wadeva..
dun vote for me lahz.. CRAP!!
other stuff happened also lahz but...
i juz can't be bothered to talk about it..
but the events was enoughto make me use (or think)
the word fuck to describe the day..
never done that b4..

today... it continues.. haish... i mean wassup man?
in skool suffering from stomach pain..
dunno wad kinda pain also..
i dun experience cramps..
i dun get gastric.. so??
think it has sth to do with my lack of appetite..
but its ok if i dun eat... i'm sooo FAT already!!
then some pple praised my work in front of others..
but when talking one to one throw it right back at me..
WADEVA!!! but i noe it is my fault..
got good idea but give in sloppy work.. wad do i EXPECT??
juz now was the last straw.. i was practicaal screaming!!
i was ready to have my PI printed out..
typed out nice and neat.. and i lost the document!!!
please dun ask m wad the hell happened..juz that i lost the damn thing...
luckily i got the basic original saved in my e-mail outbox..
sorry sufie.. u had to wait for me!!!
anyway... thanks for helping me print :)
that was the only thing that went right for me today..haish... worse thing of the day??
juz found out my uncle and the fren he always go to work with
got involved in motorcycle accident.. luckily its minor injury..
although now its 0035 and he's still waiting at the hospital to be x-rayed...
there are always cars, lorries, buses
if u wanna drive ur own vehicle..
juz stay away from motorcycles please!!
i lost a cousin to a motorcycle accident 1++ yrs back...
i'm not closed to him lahz.. but still.. his parents was devastated..
and he was only a few months away from his ORD date..
oh well that's life.. only have to leave it to GOD...

okiez.. gotta go.. need to sleep.. tml malay test..
still havent study for ANY of the 2 mly tests i have..
wadeva.. who cares!!! actually sth else that's good happened to me lahz..
i'm the proud owner of another hand me down hp..this time from my mom..
its a sony ericsson T160..there's camera...
for those frenz of mine who LOVES taking photos :)

Friday, May 13, 2005

3 day update..

heyhey.. quite "long" never update..
haha.. ok.. 2 days...
let's give u a summary of the past days..

NAPFA test!!!! i'm finally done with it..
no more worries.. GAMES!!! here i come..
ok.. they might make us run 1 or rounds..
occassionally(i hope...) but.. WHO CARES???
can walk liaoz lorz.. no more PRESSURE
to finish within a certain time.. haish..
and i ran even though i juz sprained my ankle..
haha.. so ya.. got a timing of 16.54... slow right??
after skool there was this student-council forum thingy..
basically the students are supposed to ask us qns lahz...
then... got this guy.. who was like TOTALLY shooting us..
its not that we can't take criticism its juz that we can't
stand people who are soooo insensitive... like...
if u wanna talk sooo much.. come join us in council lahz..
come on... ask us to respect the students but hello???
we respect u, u dun respect us... got wad use??
wadeva... ok.. i'm done venting... some people..

nothing much on this day...
juz that had to stay for extended MLA lesson..
haish.. luckily cikgu didn't extend it to 5.40..
as was the initial plan.. can die sia.. haish...
oh ya.. then as me, filzah,nilufer was going out of skool,
there was this really big dog squeezing in from the
CONSTRUCTION SITE!!! which is basically also IJC area..
i mean i love animals (even doggies) but..
BIG doggies can be really scary.. and of coz..
doggies are haram... hehe...

today(friday the 13/5)
Faiz!!!!! SORRY!!!! SOOOO SORRY!!! =(((
didn't mean to make us late...
sorry... for having to wait for me AND zool... haish.. anyway..
keeping to the tradition of bad luck on fri 13th for me,
(remember coke on my barely eaten LJS meal??)
i came late to skool today... as in got CAUGHT kinda late..
wad's the big deal? the deal is i haven't came skool late since pri skool??
so.. yup... usually i reach skool on the dot at 8 or earlier (known to happen)
but never this late!!! SORRY!!!! hmmm...
zool sorry also lahz coz i make u late for the 1st time this term...
but faiz deserves the most sorry...
coz always muz wait for us.. SORRY!!!
niwaez... on to "happier" things..
went to watch kingdom of heaven just now..
ooooo... nice... haha...
i'm a history buff... esp religious history..
the movie was right up my lane lahz...
coz its FULL of religious history... haha...
then juz came back from watching this comedy..
a regular one night stand... its funny.. haha..
by this australian group.. MOST of it was impromptu...
haha.. dunno there was sooo many other uses (ok, 1) for a microphone stand..
HAHA!!! hmmm... to gab,chanel,aaron..
thank you sooo much for waiting for me..
sorry i was late (i'm a serial late comer...)
went to watch kingdom of heaven lahz...
lasted for about 21/2 hour.. and ya...
wei ling brought yeda along.. sooo cool!!!
missed her.. haha...
then there was this large words that said
"I WAS HERE" outside the arts house..
we took photos there!!! haha... and ya...
the arts house used to be a parliament building
and all the parliament furniture is still there.. haha...
like we in parliament like that... haha.. sorry...
i very JAKUN!!!

ok.. so that's my "summary"
fo the past days... gg to sleep liaoz...
nitez.. happy fri 13th??

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

hey hey.. haha.. guess wad??
now its 1240 in the afternoon and i'm at home!!!
haha... ok.. iwas dumb.. i dunno how to walk!!!
fell... hurt my leg.. a lot!! oooohh..
but at least can take advantage..
get extra rest!!!
i need it.. haish... ok..
i noe some of u seems to have more stress...
but lately i seem to be extra weak..
dunno why... haish...

oh ya!!! yesterday was NAPFA..
i did it!!!i passed my
i haven't passed since...
the first time i started training??
that would be about 2 mths ago??
YAY!!! haha.. now only 2.4 left..
can pass lahz... coz i only need to get 1 pt..
since i'm already a confirmed bronze..
(i only jumped 153 for SBJ.. duh!!)
oh well... let's hope my mind is strong enough..
6 rounds round the stooopid track...
at least the sports skool area is quite nice..
haha.. ok.. will be doing it tml..
yay.. only one more day and can go back to...
PLAYING GAMES!!!! haha.. can't wait!!

ok.. me gotta log off liaoz.. doing hmwk.. =)
i think.. haha.. oh ya..
tml there's this council-student forum..
students come into the LT to ask us qns..
my dear frenz.. come and support me ok??
haha... its ok if u can't love u guys either way!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

hihi.. me juz bored...
so blogging in lahz... haha..
oh ya.. how can i forget..

ok let's talk about yesterday..
haha.. pretty fun...
HCI is so damn nice lahz..
as in the building...
WOW... like some...
i dunno... agree with faiz..
it looks like a resort..
but like wani said..
if u wanna pon class
there's sooooo many places to hide...
haha... damn funny lahz...

so the performance...
(by the way... for those who dunno,
it was a malay dance performance..
can u imagine? me in dance?)
i tot i was pretty crappy lahz..
oh well.. haha..
and adeel told me that mr azhar said
i looked liKE I was doing AEROBICS!!!!
can u believe that?? Oh well...
wAD can i say... haish.. i felt i was doing horribly..
haha.. the dikir pple were great though!!!
(tarian was of course great too... duh!!!)
haha.. dunno why, even before zul said anything
pple were already laughing.. why ah?? haha...
and man... i love munirah's voice.. its sooo nice..
hmmm.. sth happened to dampen our spirits though..
but to the person who caused it (not ariff...)

after that we go eat... haha..
long time never eat there liaoz.. at adam's road..
hmmm... dunno why some pple
juz can't make up HIS mind whether to eat or not..
haish.. in the end ate ice kacang and fought with faiz
for jelly.. faiz.. be careful..
later ur eyes roll out.. haha..
dunno why after all my rolling my eyes still intact.. haha..

hmmm.. life's soooo busy..
got sooo many things to do..
now's 12:26pm..
better start on my mountain of hmwk..
oh well.. gotta do research for my PBL topic!!

Friday, May 06, 2005

yo yo... haha..
now "exploring" wad i can do with the ijc students' portal thingy...
haha.. $20++ for it..
but basically ( jss students should know this)
its sort off like the (now defunct lol) EMB...
only more high class.. haha...
maybe that's why muz pay.. haha

hmmm.. the secret service (SS) is my new code word for them..
haha... think most of u dunno wad i mean..
hmm.. ask me personally ok??

niwaez... tml is the "big" performance..
haha.. will be wearing a damn STOOOPID costume..
haish.. tml, from 8-12.30, i won't be siti..
i'll be...... ET!!! yay!! haha...
sorry.. i'm a bit nuts..
juz that i really think its a bit dumb lahz..
"alien antaennas (how do u spell this word??)",
stupid scratchy thingy,
this really uncomfortable 'sanggul' (headdress sorta),
a blue baju that's like similar to innova pe t-shirt colour
(actually not similar.. exactly the same!!!)
oh well.. haha...

hmmm.. i've been feeling this for the past few days..
"u CaN iGnOrE mE
bUt DuN sHoW hOsTiLiTy ToWaRdS mE
cOz ThAt JuZ SUX!!!"
juz somebody who was getting on my nerves..
oh well.. not worth my anger actually.. juz fed-up..
and dun ask me who... coz i won't tell.. haha..

now chatting with nurul.. haish..
long time never talk and see her..
then saw hazmi when i going home juz now..
complaining that he was sick of skool... haha..
well.. i'm still missing everyone..
hope can see u guys sometime soon..

okiez.. me gg offline soon lahz..
coz haven't even ironed the stuff i need for tml..
hmm to IJC's MCS who are performing tml..
ignore the obstacles ok?? show them it can be done...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

yoz!!! haha...
once again..
irresponsible me is at work..
i'm juz using blogging as an excuse
NOT to continue doing my PI..
haish... oh well.. truly speaking..
i DON'T care... i mean i'm forced to pay
$36 dollars juz to take this stooopid exam..
haish... WADEVA man... haish...

ok.. today's a GREAT day...
i was almost late to skool,
BUT... i wasn't..
came in juz as the bell rang..
YAY!!! haha..
then... after waiting for abt
25 mins for our econs teacher to come,
he wasn't there!! double YAY!!
at least i wasn't driven asleep...
oh ya... the PI that i took 3 days to do
(2&1/2 days to think, 2 hrs to complete)
wasn't completely rejected..
lucky me.. so now..
i'm supposed to make the suggested changes...
triple YAY!! coz hopefully...
after this.. can finally wash my hand of PI!!!
*sigh of content* doesn't that sound good??

ok... me really gotta go do the changes..
coz still got 1&1/2 lit essay for me to do..
(short attention span.. so always doing 2 things at 1 time)
i'm actually quite a pro multi-tasker.. haha..
gtg... nitez everyone!!

Monday, May 02, 2005

PW RAWKS *sarcastic tone here*!!!!!

irresponsible me at work again...
should of course be finishing my PI...
regret to say that my VERY short attention span is distracting me frm work...
how "great"... sometimes i juz HATE my attitude...
miss procrastinator, "will u please wake up???" haish..
don't think so lahz.. coz i've been trying to wake myself up since FOREVER..
always doesn't work... haish...
Siti... wish you all the best in facing the next 1&1/2 years..
supposedly a time when procrastinators shold not be procrastinating...
GOOD LUCK GAL... haish..
anybody noe a cure for a procrastintor with short attention span??
coz this is a very lethal combination that needs to be nipped...

anyway... haha.. actually juz came up with a topic this afternoon..
can u believe it?? haish... and its really crappy idea..
only good thing is that it's helping me polish my BS-ing skills... haish..
actually.. i'm not stressed..
juz worried.. i guess... this is an exam after all... haish..

anyway.. onto brighter topics..
went to lot 1 yesterday..
go eat at this place..
forget what's the name..
but really really nice food..
stuffed myself.. is it a wonder that i'm fat??
haish... who cares.. like i said..
GREAT FOOD!! haha...
oh ya... bought new cd juz now..
anybody remember the compilation called BIG??
yup.. that's wad i bought..
wanted to buy sth else but can't find it...
so.. may as well =)
anyway... saving up for a bag, wallet and
yup.. haha... maybe by 1st oct if i still dun have it...
*hint hint* 1st oct is of course my bdae.. haha..

ok.. now is 1159 pm..
let's force myself to finish my PI before 1230..
very possible coz i only have about 96 words more to write..
(now u guys noe how horrible my work attitude is??)
haish.. nite nite..