Thursday, April 21, 2005

YO!!!!!!!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! guess who i saw juz now?? ARGH!!! why was i so dumb as to not bring my camera.. i am sooooo stoooopid!!!! haish... ok.. anyway.. i went to mediacorp radio juz now.. ok.. that sounds like fun rite?? man... were we surprised... it was sooo much more fun then we expected lahz.. first of.. AB shaik's voice is as nice in real life as it sounds on radio.. haha.. then.. it seems that we have a berita harian reporter and photographer tagging along with us.. we also had a suria news reporter and camera man following us.. so raf, munirah, izwan was interviewed and appeared in the news juz now.. the rest of us was also on tv lahz.. got videos of us... haish... i look like an idiot (as always).. and the worst thing was that my family was basically telling everybody.. anyway.. lucky us.. there was this rehearsal for muzika extravaganza (musical extravaganza) going on.. so we saw ruffedge, triple noize, leandra, jessea, daphne and best of all: CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL LEE!!! haha.. he is juz soooo dmn cute... now u noe y i'm stupid for not bringing my camera?? STOOOPID me.. haish... raf managed to hug him... haish.. she wanted to take photos but in the end her camera battery flat... haish.. wad kinda fate is that?? ok lahz.. we also saw some of the other djs (ok juz fyi.. u are not supposed to call them djs.. they are known as producer/presenter)... haha.. it's so fun getting to see wad goes behind the scenes of a radio station.. and ya.. altho this is weird.. i've always wanted to know how the traffic watch thing works.. and now i noe.. haha.. oh ya... then izwan did this impromptu thing as a dj... haha.. not bad his improvisation... haha..

damn.. juz found out that faiz's phone gone for real... damn.. damn.. oh man... haish... hmmm.. hmmm.. hope she can solve it.. oh...... i dunno lahz.. i'm feeling sooo distraught.. haish... dunno y.. i'm juz too emotional i guess.. but its my fren.. so i have the right to feel sad for her........... haish.. hmmm... is there like anything i can do?? haish.. stay strong ok gal.. u are not alone.. i'll always be here.. we'll do our best to solve it w/o ur mom's knowledge ok?? but if its really desperate.. i dunno.. maybe u have to.. haish.. once again.. stay strong ok??

ok.. me need to do hmwk liaoz.. haish.. there's a lot.. ok.. nitezzz....

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