Friday, April 15, 2005

hmmm.. saw new uni today.. the colour's not too bad.. but the skirt's kinda weird.. ok.. i'm being nice.. a lot of pple would have said horrible.. oh well.. at least we'll have a uniform.. it's so weird to see all our sec sch frenz in their uni yet we are still in our own sec sch uni which most of us are sick of.. haha..

haish.. so much hmwk to do!!! ok.. actually i've been really lucky.. haha.. all of my frenz have been doing hmwk like every single day and this is my 1st weekend with a lot of hmwk in a long long time!! but.. to have hmwk for all the 4 subs i'm taking all at one go.. haish.. somemore its like multiple hmwk for lit.. oh well.. guess its actually quite normal.. at least make me feel more like a jc student.. used to feel like i'm still on holiday.. haha.. now at least there's sth lahz..

hey.. to all those pple on my tagboard.. sorry.. i having trouble tagging.. on my omn blog!!! so i acn't reply to u guys via tagboard... here's a reply to shak and linnet: [shak] ur blog still got that virus thingy.. dun dare risk it.. i'll try to go earliest possible opportunity ok?? [linnet] i'm so sorry but i'm having trouble tagging ur blog either!!! so sorry... so anyway.. miss ya... frenz alwaez.. and about the class outing thingy.. hmmm... since u suggested it.. why dun u plan it?? haha.. =)

ok.. packed weekend ahead.. tml most likely going study.. can't wait on sun.. me going watch play at victoria theatre.. boeing boeing (that's the title)..kinda like a class outing (majority of the pple going are my classmates..) but a few non a22 who are lit students are also coming.. okiez.. that's all lahz.. have a fun weekend.. and faiz.. thanks for waiting so patiently!!! =)

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