Saturday, April 02, 2005

hihi.. guess wad i got yesteday?? a "new" phone... haha.. actually its my sis's phone.. but my mum found a samsung phone the other day (forgot wad model) so my sis took that phone and gave her phone to me.. haha.. so now my phone's no longer a nokia 21 but a cooler (but still camera-less) nokia 3120.. haha..

niwaez.. this past week very tiring lah.. that's why long time (about one week) have not blogged in.. go online only a bout 10 mins each day for the sake of going online lahz..haish.. also actually my mood not v good so when my mood's not very good i'd rather write in my diary then blog.. there's a diff lahz between this 2.. dunnolahz.. anyway i see writing ( as in with a pen and paper) as v thereupatic( i'm pretty sure the spellin's wrong.. but who cares..) okiez.. ignore my last few sentences.. juz me crapping as usual.. haha..

hmmm.. now at home alone.. the rest of my family out to see my niece.. my cousin juz gave birth a few weeks ago.. wanted to go but cannot lahz.. like i said before.. my family quite lazy lahz.. so always take taxi.. then for those who have never seen my cuzzins.. they are really big sized (ok.. they are fat..) so coz i've oso grown fat ( dun say i haven't...), it's now impossible to squeeze all 5 of us into one taxi.. haish.. so i nobly volunteered not to go.. haha.. haish... nvm... at least will get to see photos.. haha.. okiez lahz.. nothing much to write liaoz... dun wanna bore u guys.. cya...

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