Monday, April 18, 2005

hihi everyone!!!! haha.. today was as usual a crappy monday.. i mean.. how good can it be if there's pe in it?? haha.. sorry.. it's an ingrained thing in my mind to hate pe.. no matter how much i try to convince myself, it still doesn't work.. haish.. so i choose not to delude myself.. haha.. but i v proud of myself also lahz.. coz i managed to run the whole BIG loop during pe without stopping.. do u noe how rare that is?? haha..

anyway.. juz now i was supposed to go for this interview for the overseas volunteering programme.. so i went up, wait outside the staff room, and in the end i left coz the teacher wasn't there.. no patience to wait lahz.. =p haha.. so yup.. i won't be going volunteering this holidays.. haha.. at least not at sri lanka that is.. haha..

hmmm... anyway.. yesterday was such a fun day.. haha.. went out with my classmates.. although some pple had to act gay and whole hands RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the town area and others had to spoil my mood by acting like as if i'm her best fren juz coz i was the only one other than her who was wearing a skirt (yes.. me.. wear a skirt.. heck.. i was even wearing HEELS.. and my feet was hurting coz we basically spent the whole day walking from one place to another.. except for the time where we were eating lunch and watching the play lahz.. oh well.. who ask me so dumb especially since i'm not v used to heels.. haish...) anyway.. for those who dunno (which means u have not read my previous posts) we went to watch boeing boeing at victoria theatre.. the play was really great lahz... funny, hilarious, enjoyable.. and such an unexpected twist at the end.. most of us were expecting a cat-fight kinda thing.. but in the end.. it was truly a happily ever after story.. haish.. too bad its too expensive to watch again.. for those who can watch it.. go and watch.. especially if u are a theatre buff.. it's really nice lahz.. they having shows until 24th april.. oh ya...

so.. nothing else.. luckily no muz hand in tml kinda hmwk.. so can go sleep after this.. nitez everyone.. sweet dreams.. (hopefully) enjoy tml..

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