Tuesday, April 12, 2005

heyhey.. haish.. wad kinda luck.. my class has a few changes in terms of teachers.. but one teacher is really disagreeable.. haish.. my econs teacher is toooooo weird.. can't take him... he's like weird, v slow and v boring.. it's like wow!!! he's juz so incredibly boring.. thing is he not only talks abt boring stuff... he also speaks in a really really boring way... i mean econs can be so boring sometimes and he's tone literally drove my some of my classmates to sleep.. if u had passed by the classroom juz now, u would have seen 3 out of 16 heads on the table sleeping.. then u would have seen 3 guys at the back doing dunno wad thing, 4 gals playing bingo, another 2 gals doing dunno wad, and 4 others (me included) sort off listening to that guy.. see.. i'm so good.. i even asked qns.. haha.. actually that was the only way i can stop myself from sleeping lahz.. haha.. anyway.. one of classmtes even said that she might contemplate dropping if this is the way the teacher's gonna be teaching.. so a msg for the teacher (who most likely won't even get to see this): please please change ur teaching style.. or else u'll be teaching to a class whose members are all sleeping (coz i dun think i can tolerate him for v long either..) argh!!! i request for a change in teachers.. i can't do econ with a teacher like this damn it.. no motivation!!!

anyway .. my class did something quite mean to him today lahz.. coz he told us yesterday (1st tutorial) that we are supposed to stop him when its times up.. so it juz happened that the clock in the room that we were in was 10 mins fast.. and so we took advantage of that and told him that the time was up.. and he so happily let us go after "scolding" us for not telling him earlier that time was up.. oh well.. guess he didn't have his own watch.. but some of us felt kinda bad lahz.. coz he gave us this impression that he felt quite guilty for releasing us late when actually he was releasing us early.. but we were really really HAPPY to get out of class early lahz.. haha.. =)

omg!!! tml pe.. in the morning (2nd period lahz..).. die.. somemore its running.. luckily i'm not aching all over like last week.. but.. its abit ironical lahz.. i seem to have no problem (not much at least) about passing 2.4 when its the part i hate the most.. 5 staion items on the other hand is like giving me one big headache.. so far.. i can't jump the min 151 cm needed to pass my standing broad jump, i can barely do 2 pull-ups, yet alone 3.. then also can't do 30 sit-ups in 1 min and i'm so inflexible that i think i'll juz be able to barely scrape thru sit and reach lorz.. haish.. dunno lahz.. hopefully i can pass... then like that can play games.. haha..

ok lahz.. gotta go... it has taken me more than 1 hr to write this entry.. to all those i chatted with while writing this entry ( weiling, joanne, alex(from jss)).. thank u for entertaining me.. haha.. nitez everyone!!! wish me luck for pe!!

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