Tuesday, April 26, 2005

hey... wad a tue.. haish.. i have great frenz.. that i dun doubt... then why do i.. ok.. sorry.. juz ignore me..

hmmm... my campaign speech willl be on this thurs... haish... why?? so early lorz... haish... we have until 16 may wad.. haish.. hmmm... (16 may reminds me that i need to hnd in my PI on that day... a PI that i have hardly done a single thing on.. haish... so many things coming up..) haish... no mood to blog in.. tell u wad... juz ignore this whole entry ok...

so yup.. today's a weird day for me.. by the way.. i'm such an irresponsible PeRsOn!!! haish..

that's all lahz.. think me juz tired (extremely) that's why i'm feeling so weird.. hmmm... i tend to get cranky if i'm sick or toooo tired out.. so juz ignore me if i'm too weird tml ok?? for those who might be thinking that this have sth to do with council, no it has nothing to do with it.. i'm not even that inolved in it.. and its only a speech.. and its not pms.. unless the P stands for post instead of pre.. its juz me lahz..

u guys probably not understanding a single word.. oh well... sorry.. maybe u guys should have juz heeded my bright red, large warning to ignore this entry.. i guess.. would have spared u a lot of time and trouble.. me not really feeling like myself... wadeva.. hmwk awaits... can't wait for this loooong weekend coming up.. altho we have to go for stupid annual skool x-country this fri.. all the best to me.. luckily not running competitively.. hmmm... maybe i should juz try finish the 3.2 km that i'll be running in good timing juz for the sake of it.. haish.. ok.. signing off now... wish me good luck with my spech on thurs.. let's hope the mike doesn't freak me out too much coz microphones and me have such a GOOD *sarcastic tone here* relationship... haish..

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