Friday, April 08, 2005

hey there.... ... ... ... ... haish.. sorry me today in a bit of a crazy mood.. hmmm.. think its the prospect of havin nothing to do over the weekend.. haish.. i have no social life man.. haha... oh well.. another weekend of rotting i guess.. save me somebody.. PLEASE!!!!!!!! haha...

niwaez.. new "class" juz now.. actually its juz a re-naming of the classes.. now its so weird.. seriously speaking.. who cares that other jcs do it that way?? its kinda complicated ain't it?? hmmmm... anyway my class has changed from 1A05 to 05A22.. dunnolahz.. could be coz i not used to it... haha.. ya.. we got one new classmate ( i think).. so that means.. from 15 pple we have 16 pple.. yay!!! we've grown sooo much bigger.. (sarcastic tone here..) but ok lahz.. its kinda cool to be in a class with so little pple esp after 10 yrs of a class with at least 39 pple in it.. more cosy.. although there are 2 pple (the double S) whom i so so soooooo dun like.. ever since 1st week of skool in the 1st 3 mths.. and the worst thing is.. they like to act like as if i'm sooo close to them.. esp during the 3 mths... puh-leeeeez... they are juz so irritating.. i've promised myself not to be so nice to them anymore.. seems to be workin.. or maybe its juz coz now i'm hanging around more with the mly pple during my break.. could be oso coz thay got new target.. hmmmm.. haha.. wadeva.. juz as long as i dun haf to see them acting lyk as if they are my greatest fren... sick man...

haha.. hmmm.. juz now a fren of mine told me a really really lame pick-up line.. dunno how many of u heard it liaoz but here goes: "i seem to have lost my name. can i have urs??" for those of u hu dun get it.. approach me.. but those who does.. u should agree that its damn lame right?? oh well.. show how "witty" those guys think they are... haha..

hmmm... my ct's nominating me to join council... dunno lehz.. haish...i'm letting her nominate me lahz.. but i'm still thinking abt whether should i or should i not be... or as macbeth says it.. to be or not to be?? that is the qns... sorry.. need to get myself in the shakespeare mood for othello.. and since i can't stand the lecturer i gotta find my own motivation.. haha.. my fren so lucky.. he went to jj onli coz one of our fave lit teachers (used to teach us in sec 1) is there.. and he juz happened to get her for lit altho actually she's no longer supposed to teach lit.. but sth about a lot of pple taking lit so they pulling her back onto lit teaching duty.. niwaez... still thinking about the council thing.. but most likely i'll juz go with the flow and see wad happens lahz... the reason i'm so reluctant is coz of sec sch.. involved in 2 v demanding cca then i was so taxed.. never felt a real moment of rest.. tired always.. then being in council means i have to take care of my behaviour.. which is so damn frustrating.. oh well.. haha..

hmmm.. faiz say she wanna go study tml... let's hope so... me so dun wanna rot.. later smelly (u noe decomposition... will release smell).. ok sorry.. i noe that's lame.. haha.. =)

oh ya.. to the ijc mcs pple who might be reading this.. good luck with the performance.. altho cikgu give us only one mth to prepare we cannot bring ijc down okiez?? let's make sure pple noe we exist coz i'm so bored with pple asking me where is ijc or worse got such skool ah?? we can do it ok?? haha.. (do i sound like i'm giving a pep talk?? juz encouraging us lahz..) then the 2 heads (esp raf) dun stress ok?? haha.. we'll be here to support... =)... sorry if it sounds a bit cheesy.. haha..

okiez lahz.. that's all for now.. think i'll be sleeping early today.. so lack of sleep.. i juz realised that i'm one of those pple who need at least 7 hrs of sleep everyday.. sth that i'm def not having.. u guys rest up too okiez? it's not v healthy to be so lacking in sleep... nitezzzzzzz...... byezzzzzzz!! sweet dreams......

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