Tuesday, April 05, 2005

hello.. haish.. my last post got one big problem lahz.. tried to correct it but after a few tries can't be bothered.. haha..

AHHH!!!!!!! i love my sis.. haha.. its so nice to have elder sibs.. esp one who's oredi working and treats u well.. first off there's her phone that she gave to me.. fine.. it might be a 2nd hand phone but at least it's still v new.. actually she wanted to pay for my 2100 phone upgrade but since i can only upgrade in may, she gave me her phone lahz.. then she gave me money juz now.. THANK YOU SO MUCH SIS!!!! the money she gave is gonna be so helpful coz i was dumb enough to use some of the money my aunt gave me (it was supposed to be for skoolbooks and stuff) on my hp bill (which i haven't paid for like 3 mths... so that was about $90).. and all these coz i scored 14 for my o levels and got an a1 in english and malay (something that she so can't do being a more math person..) oh well.. for those of u whose elder sib (or u dun even haf elder sib..) is not as good as mine.. i'm sorry for u guys (i'm not trying to be mean or make anyone jealous ok??).. but u guys so make me appreciate my sis and my bro alot more...

anyway faiz.. i'm ok.. juz that sometimes there's so many things going on in ur life and not all of them are uplifting.. once somebody told me that my role is to spread cheer.. but it's so hard to be cheerful all the time lahz.. if u guys see me at home.. u''ll see that i'm not really a v cheerful person.. oh well.. things happen... ( by the way.. for those who still dunno my family situation, i'm the youngest in my family but i stay with my aunt where i'm the oldest child.. so i get to experience both sides lahz.. only dunno how a middle child feels..)
hmmm.. today's lit lecture is one of the most boring i've ever been to.. i was literally falling asleep.. luckily got my classmates to talk to.. haish.. somemore i really dun like the lecturer's ( cannot say the name lahz ) teaching style so not only was it boring.. it was irritating.. the way she teach lit juz feels so wrong.. i dunno how her other students can take it.. haish.. well.. after lecture hang out at skool for a while (watching kenneth destroying my cute, sweet impression of tigger).. then faiz, zul, yamin, wanna go causway pt eat (i juz tagged along).. but it started raining really heavily the moment we stepped out the gate.. haish.. our luck.. so in the end they eat in skool.. haha.. anyway.. haish... me kinda "craving" for burger king.. faiz.. one day we muz go eat ok?? haha..

ok lahz.. that's all for today.. still need to iron mine and my cuzzin's skool uni (ok fine.. i dun have a uni.. but my skirt..) by next year i'm determined not to iron my older cuz's uni coz he'll be in p6 liaoz.. but the other one (who's in p2 this yr) still muz help iron lahz.. anyone noes of any robot that can do ironing?? that will so make my life easier.. haha.. ok lahz.. it's already 2350 and i still have 2 sets of uni to iron (mine and my p5 cuz).. nitezzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

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