Friday, April 29, 2005

hey there.. for those who read my last entry.. dun worry.. i'm fine.. haha...

SAGITTARIUS HOUSE RAWKS!!! haha... sorry.. juz came back from x-country... wow.. i actually managed to finished the 3.2 run in 30 mins.. i walked a lot lahz.. haha... but still made it... sooo... great.. haha.. faiz.. u ah.. hope ur knee get well soon.. haha.. haish... cheered until now my throat is damn sore... ok lahz... i also ate m&m, thus... aggravating my throat. oh well.. sometimes i'm juz a glutton for punishment.. hmmm.. but i't's been a long time since i cheered.. so miss it.. haha... so yup.. sagittarius house is the champion of innova's first ever cross country.. rights rights rights... haha... (ok for those who dun understand it desn't matter coz i noe wad i mean.. haha) anyway... i've never loved the colour green more!! it's everywhere man.. milo trucks, this guy who was wearing green shirt... even the plants and the trees.. there was no way anybody else could have won when they were surrounded by so much green (including saggitarians.. haha).. ok.. kidding.. haha...

haish... yesterday was my campaign speech.. i was sooo damn freaked out lahz.. but... pple said i did great... juz happy that it was behind me.. hmmm.. a big big big thank you to all those frenz of mine who cheered like crazy to support me.. i love u guys!!! haha.. i had to stop my speech to say thank you lahz... like as if i'm some big deal like that... haha... a tip for those who will be doing their speeches.. tell ur frenz to come and support u.. if u have really nice frenz (like i do...) they will come early to cheer and support u.. haha.. they totally helped me reduce my nervousness.. i mean.. at least u've got somebody who will be listening to u.. as compared to juz speaking and nobody's listening.. to alfred... i'll give u my speech when u need it ok?? good luck.. haha..

ok that's all.. i'm reallyreally tired now.. hopefully i dun wake up sick tml coz i'm ging to spend the whole day doing my PI (first draft)... but to do that i would need an idea.. so i'll probably be doing research for ideas tml.. haish.. all the best in ur PW guys... nitezzzzzzzzz....

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

hey... wad a tue.. haish.. i have great frenz.. that i dun doubt... then why do i.. ok.. sorry.. juz ignore me..

hmmm... my campaign speech willl be on this thurs... haish... why?? so early lorz... haish... we have until 16 may wad.. haish.. hmmm... (16 may reminds me that i need to hnd in my PI on that day... a PI that i have hardly done a single thing on.. haish... so many things coming up..) haish... no mood to blog in.. tell u wad... juz ignore this whole entry ok...

so yup.. today's a weird day for me.. by the way.. i'm such an irresponsible PeRsOn!!! haish..

that's all lahz.. think me juz tired (extremely) that's why i'm feeling so weird.. hmmm... i tend to get cranky if i'm sick or toooo tired out.. so juz ignore me if i'm too weird tml ok?? for those who might be thinking that this have sth to do with council, no it has nothing to do with it.. i'm not even that inolved in it.. and its only a speech.. and its not pms.. unless the P stands for post instead of pre.. its juz me lahz..

u guys probably not understanding a single word.. oh well... sorry.. maybe u guys should have juz heeded my bright red, large warning to ignore this entry.. i guess.. would have spared u a lot of time and trouble.. me not really feeling like myself... wadeva.. hmwk awaits... can't wait for this loooong weekend coming up.. altho we have to go for stupid annual skool x-country this fri.. all the best to me.. luckily not running competitively.. hmmm... maybe i should juz try finish the 3.2 km that i'll be running in good timing juz for the sake of it.. haish.. ok.. signing off now... wish me good luck with my spech on thurs.. let's hope the mike doesn't freak me out too much coz microphones and me have such a GOOD *sarcastic tone here* relationship... haish..

Sunday, April 24, 2005

hey.. i soooo should be doing my hmwk now.. but juz felt like doing sth mindless for a few mins.. so i predict that this will be a short post filled with nonsense ramblings meant for me only coz i'm the only one who can fully understand my weird mind i guess...

haish... am i nuts?? should i really run for council?? haish... most of my frenz are telling that i should juz run.. but a few are telling me that since i'm still contemplating whether i should run or not, i may as well dun run.. haish.. but i dun care lahz... juz run lorz.. see how.. haish.. *weird mind at work*

anyway... saw this guy who's from the 2nd season of eye for a guy.. apparently he's volunteering at this place i'll be volunteering at... oh well.. its not that big a deal coz he's not even cute.. honestly speaking.. nice bod lahz.. but the face?? he looks so much better on tv.. oh well.. i shouldn't be saying so much.. i'd feel forever guilty if i end up having to work with him after saying all this stuff.. =) but.. u can't deny facts.. haha...

ok lahz.. me really gotta finish up the mountains of hmwk i have... haish.. can i juz leave skool now?? nvm.. finish hmwk then tml i won't i won't be so stressed rushing hmwk tml... oh ya.. the council campaign has started and the speeches will start on tue.. i dunno when my sppech will be but juz wish me luck.. i guess... cya...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

YO!!!!!!!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! guess who i saw juz now?? ARGH!!! why was i so dumb as to not bring my camera.. i am sooooo stoooopid!!!! haish... ok.. anyway.. i went to mediacorp radio juz now.. ok.. that sounds like fun rite?? man... were we surprised... it was sooo much more fun then we expected lahz.. first of.. AB shaik's voice is as nice in real life as it sounds on radio.. haha.. then.. it seems that we have a berita harian reporter and photographer tagging along with us.. we also had a suria news reporter and camera man following us.. so raf, munirah, izwan was interviewed and appeared in the news juz now.. the rest of us was also on tv lahz.. got videos of us... haish... i look like an idiot (as always).. and the worst thing was that my family was basically telling everybody.. anyway.. lucky us.. there was this rehearsal for muzika extravaganza (musical extravaganza) going on.. so we saw ruffedge, triple noize, leandra, jessea, daphne and best of all: CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL LEE!!! haha.. he is juz soooo dmn cute... now u noe y i'm stupid for not bringing my camera?? STOOOPID me.. haish... raf managed to hug him... haish.. she wanted to take photos but in the end her camera battery flat... haish.. wad kinda fate is that?? ok lahz.. we also saw some of the other djs (ok juz fyi.. u are not supposed to call them djs.. they are known as producer/presenter)... haha.. it's so fun getting to see wad goes behind the scenes of a radio station.. and ya.. altho this is weird.. i've always wanted to know how the traffic watch thing works.. and now i noe.. haha.. oh ya... then izwan did this impromptu thing as a dj... haha.. not bad his improvisation... haha..

damn.. juz found out that faiz's phone gone for real... damn.. damn.. oh man... haish... hmmm.. hmmm.. hope she can solve it.. oh...... i dunno lahz.. i'm feeling sooo distraught.. haish... dunno y.. i'm juz too emotional i guess.. but its my fren.. so i have the right to feel sad for her........... haish.. hmmm... is there like anything i can do?? haish.. stay strong ok gal.. u are not alone.. i'll always be here.. we'll do our best to solve it w/o ur mom's knowledge ok?? but if its really desperate.. i dunno.. maybe u have to.. haish.. once again.. stay strong ok??

ok.. me need to do hmwk liaoz.. haish.. there's a lot.. ok.. nitezzz....

Monday, April 18, 2005

hihi everyone!!!! haha.. today was as usual a crappy monday.. i mean.. how good can it be if there's pe in it?? haha.. sorry.. it's an ingrained thing in my mind to hate pe.. no matter how much i try to convince myself, it still doesn't work.. haish.. so i choose not to delude myself.. haha.. but i v proud of myself also lahz.. coz i managed to run the whole BIG loop during pe without stopping.. do u noe how rare that is?? haha..

anyway.. juz now i was supposed to go for this interview for the overseas volunteering programme.. so i went up, wait outside the staff room, and in the end i left coz the teacher wasn't there.. no patience to wait lahz.. =p haha.. so yup.. i won't be going volunteering this holidays.. haha.. at least not at sri lanka that is.. haha..

hmmm... anyway.. yesterday was such a fun day.. haha.. went out with my classmates.. although some pple had to act gay and whole hands RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the town area and others had to spoil my mood by acting like as if i'm her best fren juz coz i was the only one other than her who was wearing a skirt (yes.. me.. wear a skirt.. heck.. i was even wearing HEELS.. and my feet was hurting coz we basically spent the whole day walking from one place to another.. except for the time where we were eating lunch and watching the play lahz.. oh well.. who ask me so dumb especially since i'm not v used to heels.. haish...) anyway.. for those who dunno (which means u have not read my previous posts) we went to watch boeing boeing at victoria theatre.. the play was really great lahz... funny, hilarious, enjoyable.. and such an unexpected twist at the end.. most of us were expecting a cat-fight kinda thing.. but in the end.. it was truly a happily ever after story.. haish.. too bad its too expensive to watch again.. for those who can watch it.. go and watch.. especially if u are a theatre buff.. it's really nice lahz.. they having shows until 24th april.. oh ya...

so.. nothing else.. luckily no muz hand in tml kinda hmwk.. so can go sleep after this.. nitez everyone.. sweet dreams.. (hopefully) enjoy tml..

Friday, April 15, 2005

hmmm.. saw new uni today.. the colour's not too bad.. but the skirt's kinda weird.. ok.. i'm being nice.. a lot of pple would have said horrible.. oh well.. at least we'll have a uniform.. it's so weird to see all our sec sch frenz in their uni yet we are still in our own sec sch uni which most of us are sick of.. haha..

haish.. so much hmwk to do!!! ok.. actually i've been really lucky.. haha.. all of my frenz have been doing hmwk like every single day and this is my 1st weekend with a lot of hmwk in a long long time!! but.. to have hmwk for all the 4 subs i'm taking all at one go.. haish.. somemore its like multiple hmwk for lit.. oh well.. guess its actually quite normal.. at least make me feel more like a jc student.. used to feel like i'm still on holiday.. haha.. now at least there's sth lahz..

hey.. to all those pple on my tagboard.. sorry.. i having trouble tagging.. on my omn blog!!! so i acn't reply to u guys via tagboard... here's a reply to shak and linnet: [shak] ur blog still got that virus thingy.. dun dare risk it.. i'll try to go earliest possible opportunity ok?? [linnet] i'm so sorry but i'm having trouble tagging ur blog either!!! so sorry... so anyway.. miss ya... frenz alwaez.. and about the class outing thingy.. hmmm... since u suggested it.. why dun u plan it?? haha.. =)

ok.. packed weekend ahead.. tml most likely going study.. can't wait on sun.. me going watch play at victoria theatre.. boeing boeing (that's the title)..kinda like a class outing (majority of the pple going are my classmates..) but a few non a22 who are lit students are also coming.. okiez.. that's all lahz.. have a fun weekend.. and faiz.. thanks for waiting so patiently!!! =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

heyhey.. haish.. wad kinda luck.. my class has a few changes in terms of teachers.. but one teacher is really disagreeable.. haish.. my econs teacher is toooooo weird.. can't take him... he's like weird, v slow and v boring.. it's like wow!!! he's juz so incredibly boring.. thing is he not only talks abt boring stuff... he also speaks in a really really boring way... i mean econs can be so boring sometimes and he's tone literally drove my some of my classmates to sleep.. if u had passed by the classroom juz now, u would have seen 3 out of 16 heads on the table sleeping.. then u would have seen 3 guys at the back doing dunno wad thing, 4 gals playing bingo, another 2 gals doing dunno wad, and 4 others (me included) sort off listening to that guy.. see.. i'm so good.. i even asked qns.. haha.. actually that was the only way i can stop myself from sleeping lahz.. haha.. anyway.. one of classmtes even said that she might contemplate dropping if this is the way the teacher's gonna be teaching.. so a msg for the teacher (who most likely won't even get to see this): please please change ur teaching style.. or else u'll be teaching to a class whose members are all sleeping (coz i dun think i can tolerate him for v long either..) argh!!! i request for a change in teachers.. i can't do econ with a teacher like this damn it.. no motivation!!!

anyway .. my class did something quite mean to him today lahz.. coz he told us yesterday (1st tutorial) that we are supposed to stop him when its times up.. so it juz happened that the clock in the room that we were in was 10 mins fast.. and so we took advantage of that and told him that the time was up.. and he so happily let us go after "scolding" us for not telling him earlier that time was up.. oh well.. guess he didn't have his own watch.. but some of us felt kinda bad lahz.. coz he gave us this impression that he felt quite guilty for releasing us late when actually he was releasing us early.. but we were really really HAPPY to get out of class early lahz.. haha.. =)

omg!!! tml pe.. in the morning (2nd period lahz..).. die.. somemore its running.. luckily i'm not aching all over like last week.. but.. its abit ironical lahz.. i seem to have no problem (not much at least) about passing 2.4 when its the part i hate the most.. 5 staion items on the other hand is like giving me one big headache.. so far.. i can't jump the min 151 cm needed to pass my standing broad jump, i can barely do 2 pull-ups, yet alone 3.. then also can't do 30 sit-ups in 1 min and i'm so inflexible that i think i'll juz be able to barely scrape thru sit and reach lorz.. haish.. dunno lahz.. hopefully i can pass... then like that can play games.. haha..

ok lahz.. gotta go... it has taken me more than 1 hr to write this entry.. to all those i chatted with while writing this entry ( weiling, joanne, alex(from jss)).. thank u for entertaining me.. haha.. nitez everyone!!! wish me luck for pe!!

Friday, April 08, 2005

hey there.... ... ... ... ... haish.. sorry me today in a bit of a crazy mood.. hmmm.. think its the prospect of havin nothing to do over the weekend.. haish.. i have no social life man.. haha... oh well.. another weekend of rotting i guess.. save me somebody.. PLEASE!!!!!!!! haha...

niwaez.. new "class" juz now.. actually its juz a re-naming of the classes.. now its so weird.. seriously speaking.. who cares that other jcs do it that way?? its kinda complicated ain't it?? hmmmm... anyway my class has changed from 1A05 to 05A22.. dunnolahz.. could be coz i not used to it... haha.. ya.. we got one new classmate ( i think).. so that means.. from 15 pple we have 16 pple.. yay!!! we've grown sooo much bigger.. (sarcastic tone here..) but ok lahz.. its kinda cool to be in a class with so little pple esp after 10 yrs of a class with at least 39 pple in it.. more cosy.. although there are 2 pple (the double S) whom i so so soooooo dun like.. ever since 1st week of skool in the 1st 3 mths.. and the worst thing is.. they like to act like as if i'm sooo close to them.. esp during the 3 mths... puh-leeeeez... they are juz so irritating.. i've promised myself not to be so nice to them anymore.. seems to be workin.. or maybe its juz coz now i'm hanging around more with the mly pple during my break.. could be oso coz thay got new target.. hmmmm.. haha.. wadeva.. juz as long as i dun haf to see them acting lyk as if they are my greatest fren... sick man...

haha.. hmmm.. juz now a fren of mine told me a really really lame pick-up line.. dunno how many of u heard it liaoz but here goes: "i seem to have lost my name. can i have urs??" for those of u hu dun get it.. approach me.. but those who does.. u should agree that its damn lame right?? oh well.. show how "witty" those guys think they are... haha..

hmmm... my ct's nominating me to join council... dunno lehz.. haish...i'm letting her nominate me lahz.. but i'm still thinking abt whether should i or should i not be... or as macbeth says it.. to be or not to be?? that is the qns... sorry.. need to get myself in the shakespeare mood for othello.. and since i can't stand the lecturer i gotta find my own motivation.. haha.. my fren so lucky.. he went to jj onli coz one of our fave lit teachers (used to teach us in sec 1) is there.. and he juz happened to get her for lit altho actually she's no longer supposed to teach lit.. but sth about a lot of pple taking lit so they pulling her back onto lit teaching duty.. niwaez... still thinking about the council thing.. but most likely i'll juz go with the flow and see wad happens lahz... the reason i'm so reluctant is coz of sec sch.. involved in 2 v demanding cca then i was so taxed.. never felt a real moment of rest.. tired always.. then being in council means i have to take care of my behaviour.. which is so damn frustrating.. oh well.. haha..

hmmm.. faiz say she wanna go study tml... let's hope so... me so dun wanna rot.. later smelly (u noe decomposition... will release smell).. ok sorry.. i noe that's lame.. haha.. =)

oh ya.. to the ijc mcs pple who might be reading this.. good luck with the performance.. altho cikgu give us only one mth to prepare we cannot bring ijc down okiez?? let's make sure pple noe we exist coz i'm so bored with pple asking me where is ijc or worse got such skool ah?? we can do it ok?? haha.. (do i sound like i'm giving a pep talk?? juz encouraging us lahz..) then the 2 heads (esp raf) dun stress ok?? haha.. we'll be here to support... =)... sorry if it sounds a bit cheesy.. haha..

okiez lahz.. that's all for now.. think i'll be sleeping early today.. so lack of sleep.. i juz realised that i'm one of those pple who need at least 7 hrs of sleep everyday.. sth that i'm def not having.. u guys rest up too okiez? it's not v healthy to be so lacking in sleep... nitezzzzzzz...... byezzzzzzz!! sweet dreams......

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

hello.. haish.. my last post got one big problem lahz.. tried to correct it but after a few tries can't be bothered.. haha..

AHHH!!!!!!! i love my sis.. haha.. its so nice to have elder sibs.. esp one who's oredi working and treats u well.. first off there's her phone that she gave to me.. fine.. it might be a 2nd hand phone but at least it's still v new.. actually she wanted to pay for my 2100 phone upgrade but since i can only upgrade in may, she gave me her phone lahz.. then she gave me money juz now.. THANK YOU SO MUCH SIS!!!! the money she gave is gonna be so helpful coz i was dumb enough to use some of the money my aunt gave me (it was supposed to be for skoolbooks and stuff) on my hp bill (which i haven't paid for like 3 mths... so that was about $90).. and all these coz i scored 14 for my o levels and got an a1 in english and malay (something that she so can't do being a more math person..) oh well.. for those of u whose elder sib (or u dun even haf elder sib..) is not as good as mine.. i'm sorry for u guys (i'm not trying to be mean or make anyone jealous ok??).. but u guys so make me appreciate my sis and my bro alot more...

anyway faiz.. i'm ok.. juz that sometimes there's so many things going on in ur life and not all of them are uplifting.. once somebody told me that my role is to spread cheer.. but it's so hard to be cheerful all the time lahz.. if u guys see me at home.. u''ll see that i'm not really a v cheerful person.. oh well.. things happen... ( by the way.. for those who still dunno my family situation, i'm the youngest in my family but i stay with my aunt where i'm the oldest child.. so i get to experience both sides lahz.. only dunno how a middle child feels..)
hmmm.. today's lit lecture is one of the most boring i've ever been to.. i was literally falling asleep.. luckily got my classmates to talk to.. haish.. somemore i really dun like the lecturer's ( cannot say the name lahz ) teaching style so not only was it boring.. it was irritating.. the way she teach lit juz feels so wrong.. i dunno how her other students can take it.. haish.. well.. after lecture hang out at skool for a while (watching kenneth destroying my cute, sweet impression of tigger).. then faiz, zul, yamin, wanna go causway pt eat (i juz tagged along).. but it started raining really heavily the moment we stepped out the gate.. haish.. our luck.. so in the end they eat in skool.. haha.. anyway.. haish... me kinda "craving" for burger king.. faiz.. one day we muz go eat ok?? haha..

ok lahz.. that's all for today.. still need to iron mine and my cuzzin's skool uni (ok fine.. i dun have a uni.. but my skirt..) by next year i'm determined not to iron my older cuz's uni coz he'll be in p6 liaoz.. but the other one (who's in p2 this yr) still muz help iron lahz.. anyone noes of any robot that can do ironing?? that will so make my life easier.. haha.. ok lahz.. it's already 2350 and i still have 2 sets of uni to iron (mine and my p5 cuz).. nitezzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

Saturday, April 02, 2005

hihi.. guess wad i got yesteday?? a "new" phone... haha.. actually its my sis's phone.. but my mum found a samsung phone the other day (forgot wad model) so my sis took that phone and gave her phone to me.. haha.. so now my phone's no longer a nokia 21 but a cooler (but still camera-less) nokia 3120.. haha..

niwaez.. this past week very tiring lah.. that's why long time (about one week) have not blogged in.. go online only a bout 10 mins each day for the sake of going online lahz..haish.. also actually my mood not v good so when my mood's not very good i'd rather write in my diary then blog.. there's a diff lahz between this 2.. dunnolahz.. anyway i see writing ( as in with a pen and paper) as v thereupatic( i'm pretty sure the spellin's wrong.. but who cares..) okiez.. ignore my last few sentences.. juz me crapping as usual.. haha..

hmmm.. now at home alone.. the rest of my family out to see my niece.. my cousin juz gave birth a few weeks ago.. wanted to go but cannot lahz.. like i said before.. my family quite lazy lahz.. so always take taxi.. then for those who have never seen my cuzzins.. they are really big sized (ok.. they are fat..) so coz i've oso grown fat ( dun say i haven't...), it's now impossible to squeeze all 5 of us into one taxi.. haish.. so i nobly volunteered not to go.. haha.. haish... nvm... at least will get to see photos.. haha.. okiez lahz.. nothing much to write liaoz... dun wanna bore u guys.. cya...