Sunday, March 27, 2005


haha.. i didn't go bird park yesterday but went there today... so we started out at 10 am.. wanted to take cab (my family is full of lazy pple =) ) but waited for abt 10 mins so finally decided to take bus... haish... haha.. hmmm... there were so many pple there... got one guy (think he's jap).. V cute.. haha... so truthfully speaking there wasn't much changes.. first place i went to the penguin area... exactly the same.. those of u who can still remember how the bird show goes.. if u happen 2 go to bird park again, u'll realise that it's exactly the same.. they still have the 2 parrots doing the cycling race and stuff.. so after that we went 2 the pelican cove.. pelicans are so cute.. really... haha.. (do u guys noe they their beaks can hold up to 13 litres of water?? ok sorry.. useless info) then at the pelican area also got this huge tank.. got a lot of fishes lah... so they had this feeding session and my cuz volunteered 2 help feed the biggest freshwater fish in the world.. haha.. ok.. about 30 mins after that (we were waiting 4 my cuz 2 finish their entry for the easter sunday drawing and colouring contest) it started pouring... as in really really really heavy rain.. as luck would have it.. we only have 1 small pocket umbrella (the foldable kind), and 4 those who dunno, most of my family members are really big sized pple.. so we took turns using the umbrella (u noe.. 2 pple go then 1 person come back fetch somebody else...) but actually may as well dun bother coz still got heavily drenched.. OH WELL... haha... by the way, my younger cousin was one of the top 10 in the contest (tho his mum and me helped).. haha.. okiez.. so.. we went to mcdonalds.. (this is where it gets sort off interesting).. to cut a long story short.. cute guy (who happens to be the manager) at the counter served me.. bumped into him when i going toilet.. then cute guy said bye 2 me when i was leaving mac.. ahhhhhhh.... haha.. okiez.. sorry..

haha.. i noe this is a v boring entry.. not much of an adventure.. oh well... actually not much inspiration lah.. coz i also not that excited abt going BP in the first place mahz.. haish.. but highlight of the day (helped make the trip kinda worth it) : cute guy at mac.. haha.. okiez.. tml orientation.. let's hope its not gonna be as boring as pass 2 days..

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