Saturday, March 26, 2005

hey.. it's me again.. of coz lah.. who else can it be right? unless somebody got the password to my acct and is hacking into my blog.. haha.. sorry.. i noe its lame.. niwaez.. how's my blog skin?? actually changed it yesterday.. slept at 2 am juz to do the stuff.. took me ages to decide skin lah.. haha.. but me still haven't do é links yet.. coz dunno lahz.. stumbled into some prob.. nvm.. i slowly figure out.. if can't can always ask my frenz right?? haha..

hmmm.. my cousins addicted 2 internet sia.. so u pple most likely won't be able to se me online b4 8pm.. coz they'll be the one spending time on the internet b4 8pm.. they are online more than me lorz.. play n play n play.. they even dun mind foregoing their fave activity (eating) to use é internet.. hmmm.. maybe my aunt can consider this a way for haziq (the younger rounder one) to diet.. haha.. luckily unlimited hours.. if not confirm die one.. haish..

niwaez.. went to watch series of unfortunate events with linnet today.. or is it yesterday? okiez.. on 25/3.. haha.. quite funny.. def more worth watching then eye 10.. rite alfred?? haha.. jim carrey's a great actor.. and the kids too.. the baby is damn cute.. haha.. actually me nearly can't go watch.. coz of that day go sentosa lah.. sort off my fault oso lah.. haha.. coz i come home from sentosa then think i didn't rinse my clothes properly b4 putting in washing machine.. so my machine was sandy.. ok lahz.. that's not the big prob.. juz that i didn't tell my aunt my clothes was sandy so she gt her bed dirty coz she was folding the clothes in the bed.. haish.. but i dunno how come, when i told my aunt i'm going westmall, they said i cant go coz later i'll lyk get my clothes all sandy again.. i'm like hello??!! i'm gong to westmall.. a place which is no where near sand unless u count the sand by the road or on the ground..i actually said that (in malay of course) to my aunt.. i mean ridiculous right?? go westmall will lead to sandy clothes.. haish.. went jp after that coz linnet wanna go nokia shop to get catologue for hp.. she changing hp mahz.. saw sita.. chatted with her, went walk walk around a place that i noe as well as my home i think.. no better than my home.. coz i juz shifted hse 3 mths ago ( about there lah).. but had to go home earlier coz had to baby sit.. haziq didn't wanna follow his parents and bro to grandpa's hse coz y? he wanna use internet.. damn irritating.. was hoping 4 sometime alone at home coz haven't been left alone 4 quite sometime.. haish..

shoot.. now 1 plus already.. got distracted blog-hopping.. tagged some of the blogs i read.. but a lot of them i didn't tag.. thanx 2 faiz for providing me with the links to access all our mutual frenz blogs.. haha.. faiz u are my connector ok? haha.. niwaez.. need 2 go sleep liaoz.. coz early tml morn (around 8 i think) my family wanna go bird park.. haish.. dunno why of all places go bird park.. so lame rite?? so ya.. nitez... (altho it's actually morn..) cya guys around.. feel free 2 tag me..

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