Thursday, March 24, 2005

hey there everyone.. me now finally online!!!!!!! haha.. actually yesterday my net connection activated liaoz.. but today then got time to blog... anyway.. a big congrats to my fren faezah for winning 2nd in the public speaking comp yesterday... we were so happy!!!!!! coz we new skool mahz.. but still win 2nd... hahahaha... ya.. there were lyk onli 3 supporters 4 our skool... then when they made the announcement that we won, the 3 of us was shouting like crazy.. haha..

haiz.. so far 2 days of orientation liaoz.. the orientation not too bad lah.. but horz.. a bit boring lah.. haish.. dunno.. think the 1st intake orientation was more fun.. but ok lahz.. i lyk my og mates.. most of them very happy go lucky.. very willing to play around all that.. so it's not too bad lahz.. damn.. chatting with faiz.. but now kena disconnected.. haish.. haha..

hmmm.. wei ling's in the same og as me.. yesterday we sms-ing with our frenz who in other skools.. then.. we realised we miss each other a lot.. for almost one whole term we tgt mah.. do a lot of very crazy and fun stuff tgt :).. haha.. got a lot of great memories lah.. so sad tt we have to part.. but they all really really dun like ijc.. so no choice lah.. may as well go other skool than suffer here mah..

anyway.. wassup with so many jss students going to jj???????? ok.. it is near.. but.. there's sooooo many jss pple there.. it'll be like as if i didn't change skool like that.. but in ijc.. my fren who's from riverside says there's like about 51 riverside students in ijc.. that is wad my situation will be like if i'm in jj.. but no offense to the jj pple.. there's absolutely nothing wrong with jj.. juz that it doesn't really suit me i guess.. jss students in ij include: me, faiz, raphael, eugene, louie, wen jin, daniel, xiat fei, kie yin, chor kiat, hui yin, den, this one guy from 4/2 whose name i totally forgot.. dunno whether got animore or not.. hmmm..

ok.. nth else for me to write lah.. see u guys the nxt time i update my blog.. (should be more frequent lah.. haha).. hmm.. ok.. hoped u enjoyed reading my longest post to date.. me now playing checkers with my fren.. haish.. also now.. my right eye is one big swollen thing.. allergy reaction.. damn irritating..

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