Wednesday, December 21, 2005


anyway.. realized that last post was SUUUUPER long. haha. Anyway, SYC 2005- I really really miss you guys!! Cherish all those moments we've shared together and if its fated that we meet again, we will meet again. If not, keep in touch ok???

my OBS group mates: Thanks for supporting me guys! I noe I'm a BIG coward. Thanks for still being patient! And I had so much fun with you guys. and Baldwin, I still owe you a meal don't I?? haha.

My Discovery group mates: It was fun shopping with you guys! And its sooo cool that we were all together in OBS before too. Except for Dexter of course. Dexter, thanks for helping me carry my stuff =D
To the Singaporeans: Who would have thought that we would end up as such great friends??? Always keep in touch ok? And do come for any reunion or wadeva. Coz like Zhi Zhan says, what's the use of crying when we part if u don't bother to come for reunions and stuff.. Mus: thanks for all the movies! Haha. Exposing me to the uncut version of 40-year-old virgin. Proud to say I was the only one of illegal age to finish watching the whole thing that night... haha.
Nadine: Sorry, for all that teasing about you and Tommy! Thanks for EVERYTHING gal! Love ya!

Photo Journal
Day 1
Image hosted by
Me & Soon Leng, RELC lobby. Waiting for people to come...
Image hosted by
Singaporean Delegates, RELC auditorium. Waiting for people to come
Image hosted by
The Indonesian delegates!!! Me helping them out =D
Image hosted by
Singaporeans and Filipinos, Lobby
Back row: Dexter, Patricia (Phillipines), MaryAnne (Phillipines), John(Phillipines), Big Steph(sg) Front row: Marya, Nadine, Ben, Me, Bee Fong
Image hosted by
Singaporeans and 1 Indian... Lobby
Image hosted by
The Filipinos! Can you believe that all of them actually planned to come in red??? Waiting for briefing.
Image hosted by
Huda, me, Nadine, Xin Ling waiting for briefing, RELC auditorioum

Day 2
Image hosted by
My OBS groupImage hosted by
The Singapore cultural night people!!

Day 3
Image hosted by
At NUS. Boring....Image hosted by Photobucket.comEating Dinner at Science CentreImage hosted by
Studying the map to Night Safari.
Image hosted by
(clockwise) Hanlong(Sg), Anthony(Brunei), Sharon(Sg), Me!(Sg) outside Ben&Jerry's Night Safari
Image hosted by
Back to the hotel! Singing session in the Laundromat, while waiting for our clothes to be washed & dried.

Day 4
Image hosted by
My discovery group at esplanade
Image hosted by
My Discovery Partner Dexter. w/o him my whole group might get lost, me being the road idiot that i am...

Day 5
Image hosted by
After the seminar... All of us in our blazers and stuff... Brintha's not there though. Had to go off earlier... *sigh*
Image hosted by
Mediacorp visit. This was the only photo of me that I can find... Me and Jaren(the guy beside me) too busy trying to find place where we can sleep as compared to wanting to take photos... haha.

Day 6
Image hosted by
Country exhibit. Singapore's mini concert of national songs. This is probably while we are singing home.
Image hosted by
Singing Singapore Town. can be seen from the kuku hand actions... haha
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
May, my Thai friend
Image hosted by
Kien, my Vietnamese friend. (psst.. the sg guys called him mao zedong. coz they say he looks like him.)
Image hosted by
Musical fountain at Sentosa!
Image hosted by
Xiu Jing and Alexia. Actually i put this photo to show you peeps our 15 yr-old photographer, Alexia. Dun look 15 ah?

Day 7
Image hosted by
Being pretty-fied for the performance
Image hosted by
Me & See Wai =D JSS sprit... haha. Too bad don't have a photo with Luqman.
Image hosted by
Waiting for the concert to begin. Me and Nadine. Haha. Somebody told me I look really pretty like this *blush* . I told them that I have hidden beauty- literally. haha. People advise me to put on make-up more regularly. Make me look my age. *sigh*
Image hosted by
Our final pose! Yay! Performance over.
Image hosted by
Dinner!! (Front row) Hanlong, Moon,Steph, Kelvin, Me.
(back row) Dexter, Mr Aidil, Zhi Zhan, Tristan
Image hosted by
The Innovian representatives... Me and Tristan
Image hosted by
Just a random group of people? haha.
Image hosted by
Performance after the finale...
Image hosted by
Me. Anting. (I think she very cute leh... haha)
Image hosted by
Me. Zizi (Indonesia). Soriya (Cambodia)
Image hosted by
My dinner table mates. (Clockwise) Khairi, Me, Yani, Moon, Huda
Image hosted by
Supposed to be a photo between just me and Sharon... But the two guys extra... anyway, from left: Tristan, Me, Sharon, Thearin (Cambodia. He's cute ain't he??? haha)
Image hosted by
Argh!!! They took a group photo without me... *sobs* haha
Image hosted by
Before the dance party. Me and my Filipino fren, Leif.
Image hosted by
Poor David! He got appendicitis. He's from UK by the way...

Day 8
Image hosted by
My UK room mate, Georgia
Image hosted by
My vietnamese room mate, Minh. (she's damn pretty lah... haha)
Image hosted by
The way I was identifed the whole camp =D

camp report, part 2.

heyhey everyone... yupz. I'm finally back... Okiez fine... Been back for like 4 days now? yupz. But I've been too tired and *coughtoolazycough* to update the blog....

anyway.. too quote a friend of mine in his e-mail to us: "Never did I think that it would be this hard for me to get over any camp". My sentiments exactly mus... And fact is. Not many of us actually want to get over Sunburst Youth Camp 2005 so easily... It is one memory worth keeping...

*sheesh... Who really needs to know the meaning of the tribal names... I'm cracking my head and the internet trying to find them lah...*

Moving back on topic...
Day 5 (14/12): let's see... we had seminar in the morning... Gawd!!! The guy who organised the camp is sooooo FREAKING rude lah (i cancelled the freaking coz i dun want to be accused of flaming...)... Like this is not a debate ok?? Just 1 or 2 minutes won't really affect the timing much. And what's up with that suuuuper irritating clinking of spoon and glass?? Dun tell me you can't even afford a teeny little bell??? The Singapore delegates were sooooo angry with KS (as he calls himself...) that first of all, Mus went to actually subtly shoot him in front of everybody. "as hosts we should treat those people we consider guests well" haha. Obviously the whole Singaporean delegation got it... Some of the other country people too... Think even he caught the dig coz he actually subdued himself. hahahaha. best thing is, during the reception break, the Singaporeans actually went to use our own glasses and spoons to make A LOT of noise... We were sooo fed-up with him lah. And he's quite suspect you know... I mean he is i dunno how old and when he talked to one of my friends(whom he seems to like a lot) he actually put his arm around her... Hmmm. Hello? She's like young enough to be your daughter at least...
After seminar had visit to mediacorp. Cool! We actually went to one of the filming studios and stuff.. Saw Corinne May too. And ya, we made our own production... haha.
Then, prep for country exhibit and yet another cultural night rehearsal... I swear, I was so sick of rehearsals by that time...

Day 6 (15/12): Country exhibit. Fun seh... Walking around, looking at the exhibits and learning all about the other countries... Enriching. Got this chio postcard from Thailand. Wanted to be lame and send it to someone, then realized that its better kept as a momento =D haha
The Singaporeans were also having this mini-concert and Singapore Town became like THE camp song or something... Everybody, especially the non-singaporeans were like so enthu over the song lah... and i'm like, sure.... haha... but it was fun...
Then off to Sentosa!!! Became the tour guide for the Cambodians with Nadine. They sure took their time shopping... haha.... Went to Underwater World, Images of Singapore (which i didn't go into coz i lost the tix...), they went up the sky tower. Then wanted to proceed to musical fountains but... People ot separated, group got lost... Quite frantic lah... Coz its like they dun really noe their way around... Except for a few who got the map and stuff... Oh well. In the end all went well, watched the fountain show!!! Damn nice lah. *sigh*

Day 7(16/12): Last day.... Hectic practice for cultural night in the morning. Then preparation. Make-up, costumes etc... I look pretty =D Finally the performance.... Yay!!! Everybody super high!!! We were dancing to the Filipinos' performance. As in all the other delegates!!! Haha. The guests probably thought we were crazy or sth... haha. It was totally impromptu. Then during our performance, everybody was singing to Singapore Town and the Singaporeans were like standing up, going crazy and stuff... sigh. the atmosphere.... We didn't even wanted to go dinner lah... At the end of everything we all went up stage and started singing and dancing... hahahaha... Then, last minute they actually organised a dance party for us... After dinner... Had so much fun.. And during dinner, most people (like me...) didn't even finish our courses. We went around taking photos... hahahaha

Day 8 (17/12): saddest day in the whole camp... Everybody going off... Nobody wants to leave. *sigh* What's worse is that most of the flights are SOOOOO early in the morning. Like 7.30 for the Malaysians and the Chinese. 8 for the Filipinos... I was so sad I didn't get to say goodbye to the Filipinos especially... *sigh* At least i said goodbye to the Cambodians, Thais and Laos. Sheesh... I was crying like dunno wad, especially when saying goodbye to my Cambodian friend... Then at around noon went by cab to airport to send off the Brunei-ans coz their bus not enough space to squeeze us in... Cried before that coz my Vietnamese room mate was so sweet... In fact she also left me this super sweet message that made me cry when I read it in my room. My poor fren having to say goodbye to the guy she has a crush on...
The saddest goodbyes were with the Indians... Its like EVERYBODY was crying. Even all the unexpected people... haha. *sigh* The Indians left a great impression on most of us lah... I guess. Finally stayed all the way till like 9+ to see the UK pple off... *sigh* thus, the camp had ended...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

camp report, part 1

Heyhey people!
Here i am in the "cyber cafe" at the hotel. Actually its just a store room or sth and there's 4 computers. Oh well, better than nothing right? hahaha.

So here's my camp report so far. By the way, I'm having fun. Mostly...

1st day(10/12) LEt's see... The Singaporean delegates spent the whole day waiting. and waiting. and waiting. and waiting. Seriously. Coz everybody comes in on different flights what. and the timing between flights is such a big diff lah. For me (and a few others) its so much worse. That's coz one UK roommate came in on the 9th and so on the 10th the whole UK group went to bird park. My another roommate on the other hand came in at 2230 hours. So its like my 2 room mates came within 24 hrs of each other. Basically what we are supposed to do was welcome our respective roommates you see. So the fact that one of my room mate is already there while the other one came in at night means that I had NOTHING to do the whole day... Juz bummed around the hotel like nobody's business....

2nd day(11/12): OBS!!! Haha. Quite fun =D I went up the rock wall!! okiez. Not all the way. at least sort off halfway... Made friends. That's what that matters most isn't it?? =D Tiring day though... Rehearsal at 10. Did anyhow coz too tired.

3rd day(2/12): NUS visit. BORING!!! seriously. I got placed into Group D where they started talking about statistics... *sigh* I dun even take math lah... haha. In the end everybody fell asleep in the LT. I mean seriously. The language used is also quite complicated. Then like I doubt many of the non english speaking people can understand. *sigh* SO not fair lah. The other groups did so many interesting things! *sigh* Oh ya. But I saw this fierce cat. It looked so cute and harmless. But when I said hi it actually bared its fangs at me lah. So fierce... I screamed and grabbed Han Long's hand... Zul: Now i noe why you scared of cats.... Never mind. I still like cats though =D
Sci centre: 4 words. Been there, done that. Nothing much changed i guess.... Went to omni theatre to watch dunno what movie. ENded up falling asleep. I'm not alone though. haha. Almost everybody fell asleep. =D
Night Safari: not too bad. Missed the show though. sad.

Today, 4th day(13/12):Discovery! Haha. Went around Singapore and stuff... Damn tiring also... sigh. My group was the first one back. In fact, we are still the only one in here. Nobody else is back yet..... Another rehearsal later.... Going offline soon. wanna go up and enjoy the relative quiet of my room. For now.


Friday, December 09, 2005


okiez... sth funny i found while pressing the next blog button and then clicking on the links.

anyway, thanks to martin at for the link...


on to some fun??

you know what I'm thinking now???

I'm wondering what exactly are all the other SYC participants doing at this very minute... I don't mean the Singaporeans... Most of them are most likely sleeping, online (i see 2 pple on right now..), maybe even out enjoying their Friday night.. I'm talking about all the other country pple.. Like UK. soooo far away. Are they like right now waiting at the airport for their plane to fly into Singapore? Or maybe they are already flying... *hmmm.* Then, how about the malaysians. Like, are they coming via plane or coach? So if they are coming via coach, are they happily(or maybe not...) seating in their bus right now? Or if by plane, are they like us Singaporeans, happily settling into their beds before flying here. Well... They do have until 5pm tmr to reach here. So, maybe the malaysians are sleeping... ooohhh... Pity the UK peeps... They are most likely going get jet-lagged lah. haha. 7 hrs different what. hmmm... Oh ya. There'll be 3 pple in a room and my roommates are from vietnam and UK. Hope they are cool pple...

Points to rmb:
1. Make sure everything's packed!!!
2. Make everybody feel welcomed.
3. Don't speak english too quickly especially to all the other countries 'cept for UK i guess.
4. Don't use Singlish =D
6. have fun!
7. Do a great performance for cultural night!

Anyway, spent the whole day packing. Thanks to Alfred for the bag, Lia for the shoebag, Nurul for the shorts, Lat for the court shoes, skool for the blazer, Temasek Holdings&STEP for organising the camp (okiez.. sorry. the last two was ridiculous... =D)

So... Seems like Temasek Holdings is making creating a cybercafe at the corner of the lobby for our use during the camp... So i'll try to update when i can?? haha.

Wani!!!!! Welcome back! (since you said that there's A LOT of your name in my blog, I juz feel like adding to that no... =D) Thanks for the wadeva orange-coloured *woohoo* thingy that you bought for me from bangkok. *sheesh... I'm high. dunno why.* *jumps around* *sorry. high!*

Faiz!!! I'll check my letter box before i go for camp okiez??? Thanks! When are you coming back??

okiez. That's all folks.. *big grins* (wani! I think u somehow is responsible for this high feeling. I dunno why!!! I'm like laughing*to myself* and grinning like an idiot. and it has nothing to do with your secret. Seriously...) My last entry at home for 8 days, I'll see you guys when i can, if not, when I get back! Oh ya. Anybody who misses me, i'm juz an sms away... =D

p/s haha. Think my high-ness is quite obvious from all the colours isn't it??

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Just a qiuck post

Hey people. Will be going for camp in two days time... Guess what??? I so CANNOT wait...

write more tmr... Just need to let out some frustrations today...


Saturday, December 03, 2005

yet another rehearsal & improvements!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!

I know... Seems like the rehearsals are the only things that I'm blogging about nowadays... So hopefully my faithful readers (not that there are a lot of you :D) don't get bored ok???

1st improvement: Today we had a rehearsal on our own. Without our normal instructors. There was one guy helping us out lah. But he wasn't our normal instructor lah. Never mind. Still helped us out quite a lot =D And we did improve a lot. A LOT!!!!!!! and its like we noe our stuff already. Just left the refining of the steps. Make it look nicer etc etc. haha. Think we are looking quite good, even if i do say so myself. =D

2nd improvement: GOOD NEWS people!!!!!!! My grandfather seems to be getting better. He hopefully will regain full consciousness soon. syukur alhamdullillah. Thank Allah for the improvement. I really wish he will get better soon. It's heart wrecking to see him lying there on the bed in the ICU dependent on machines with tubes poking into him. It's even more heart breaking to see my grandmother crying crying all the time.............. *sigh*

anyway... I've decided to go for the SMU thingy... Hopefully I made the right decision....

okiez people. Tired now. Spent the morning at rehearsal, afternoon-night at hospital.

All SYC particiapants!!! Please please please come for the mini-gathering that we'll be having on the 6th ok??? at least to watch our dress rehearsal????? Thanks!


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

another rehearsal...

hey everyone!

Yupz. Today's another rehearsal day for me! Pretty fun. Practicing, laughing at our mistakes, laughing at each other, inside jokes that will come out. And I think I've finally really mastered the steps. So... Must appear MORE confident!!!! :D yay!

Haha. Think today was the first time we actually have all the cultural night-ers at rehearsal. Except for the MI girl... Dunno who also. Never see her before. And even then, it's also a bit too late for her to be added in coz we finalized everything already. Too bad Justin has to withdraw from performing coz his plane tix to australia can't be changed. (why is everybody flying to australia???)

+ points: Bonded us together.
Got to know each other
Made lotsa new friends.

- points: The Singapore Town song ALWAYS rings in my head after rehearsals.
The weekday rehearsals end so late=tiring.

Another rehearsal this Sat, without instructors. Next Tue, 6/12 (zhi yong's bdae!) dress rehearsal. We thinking of asking the seminar/exhibition people to come see us. We need to practice with an audience... (where in the world is RELC anyway??? I'll be staying there for the camp)

Anyway, my grandfather is in hospital. Okiez, he's more grand-uncle than grandfather but it really doesn't matter lah. Lung, heart problems. Worse still, he's a smoker. that just makes the situation really so much worse lah. *sigh* Seems that the doctor is saying that he's in critical condition. *sigh* well. Have faith in ALLAH. He will take care of my grandfather. Worse thing... I dunno how i feel. I just feel really uncomfortable going to the hospital (not to mention the fact that after my visit just now I fell sick) but I feel even weirder not visiting. And since I'm sick I also can't really enter the ICU. *Sigh* Get well soon. Please! Wake up soon.

Nearly forgot to add... I got accepted into SMU's Advanced Placement(AP) Programme!!!!! But now I'm kinda in a dilemma. Should I accept and gain the experience etc or should I let it go and concentrate on A levels preparation instead?

+ points: experience
rare opportunity
really prepare me for uni life
new horizons.

- points: time consuming (every sat from 7 jan for 13 weeks, 1 1/2 hour each)
unable to cope/juggle

so how??? *sigh* i have until this friday to decide. hope i will make the best choice lah...
Okiez. That's all people! "See" you at the next update =D


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

finally an update. Happy nurul???

Hey everyone!!!

Actually lah, even before Nurul hinted at me to update I was already intending to update today. haha... So... Good timing Nurul. haha.

Perjumpaan Hari Raya on 22/11: I went. Quite late though. Only watched like 2 performances? I think. And ate the food (oops! Just remembered that I haven't paid filziee yet....). Not bad food. Tried to get Wani to spill but she WON'T!!!!!!!! *sigh* never mind wani. I won't give up. hmph. hahaha.

Open House on 24/11: *sigh* tiring. Do you know how tiring it is to do skool tours? To show all these kids around the skool etc. and some of them aren't even interested in coming to the skool. They were just "looking". Took some time off in between to drink Wani's milo. Then watch the soccer boys playing street soccer. Went with Wani to help take milo for the soccer boys. Tried to get Wani to talk and again she won't. *double sigh* Didn't do mass dance. Escaped by "taking care" of the feedback station. *naughty naughty*

2nd rehearsal on 25/11: yay! SYC 2005 Singapore cultural night group rawks! Learnt our steps, got sorted into our own roles. Not bad lah. Learnt quite a lot within 2 hours. And everybody's easy to talk crap with. haha.

3rd rehearsal on 26/11: tired sia. 2 rehearsals in a row. But this time round is EVEN better. we combined ALL the different components together. Looking good. haha. even if I can't for the life of me DANCE! haha.

Banner painting on 28&29/11: wow! Finally the banner's over. And I think it looks damn nice. Almost as nice as that teachers' day banner we did in sec 2. (sorry people... That really was the nicest banner I've seen so far...)

Another rehearsal tomorrow. I'm just tired lah... Can't wait for camp though!!! SYC, here I come!!!


Saturday, November 19, 2005

money, well spent??????

okiez, today is like the day where i go out to eat expensive food. hahahahahaha.

1st: Lunch at swensens, Bibi's bdae celebration. Ok. a bit belated lah but still... Its the thought that counts?? haha. quite fun lah. Just hanging around and chatting etc etc. Then halfway thru, Ian sms-ed me to let me know venue changed to yishun. Less than 15mins later said that its changed to Orchard after that we decided to meet at Dhoby Ghaut NEL. what's the reason? Coz no tickets for the movie. Didn't book lah. ( money spent: ?? Can't say the amt lah. scared Bibi see. she's not supposed to know... haha)

2nd: So... Went to meet them at Dhoby Ghaut. Thought there was gonna be a lot of people. Guess what? only 6. including me. So there was like Ian, At, Daniel, Hei Man, Grace, me. Woots. Out of 34 peeps mind you... Raf came later though... So, 7!! woots! Nvm... Had fun anyway. Went to settlers cafe. It's a cafe where you can go to play games and stuff. Cool lah. And we kept on changing games like every 15 mins or sth? Like within 2 hours, we played 4 games.. Ok fine, 1/2 and hour on average... But its like the other tables can spend like at least 1 hr on 1 game. haha. It's ok. More worth our money that way. Ian was the hit-boy. Everybody bullied him. All the bad cards we gave to him, made fun of him etc. Besides, according to Hei Man, the sound a donkey makes is "Ian stupid". haha. But hey, he named a duck after me. So... haha. Wouldn't mind going there again... Anybody wanna go??? (Money spent: $8 for 2 hours. Weekend rates. Weekday rates: $6 for 4 hours...) Oh ya... Forgot. We even pranked him. really lah. Poor guy. haha. And when somebody called Dan, he actually told the person he was "busy" with something. Sure.... Busy pranking Ian. haha.

3rd: Went for dinner at taka. Realised that its no longer sponsored coz mrs Naidu was busy... Fine... So since we were all broke, we decided to go Breeks instead... more money spent on food... Should have kept the receipt and asked for reimbursement... haha. Okiez. But at least more people came for dinner. 12 of us? think so... Let's see: Me, Grace, Raf, Ian, Kenneth, Hei Man, Dan, Hao Ren, Cindy, Zhi Min, Tristan, Shawn. yupz. I ate lasagne but it was too filling and in the end, didn't finish it. Left about 1/4. Dan said he wanted but after one bite he realized that he was full. haha. Hao Ren finished it though... I swear, that guy's a bottomless pit or something. He just ate 1/2 a chicken, 2 servings of mashed potato and still can finish like 1/4 of my rather large lasagne... But hey. Thanks anyway. At least my money wasn't wasted.... (money spent: $10)

So... walked along orchard road to somerset station. "wanted to see the christmas light" sure... Somebody just wanted to have more time with somebody else... haha. okiez. tired now. probably sleeping soon since I have wake up early tmr!!!

*must rmb to check out the phone repair shop*


Friday, November 18, 2005

old friends, new friends. leaving friends?

hey everyone!!!

ok. 1st of all. Had fun today. at first supposed to go out jalan rayer but people all busy or malas... sheesh. haha. So, me, nurul, firah decided to meet up on our own just to see each other lah. Followed Nurul go buy paint and cloth for her banner. Went all the way from 399 to boon lay to jurong west. haha. Kinda fun. Talking crap etc etc. as usual lah.
Glad that I went with my first instinct and decided to meet with them. Coz today actually my mood a bit weird coz i was quite fed-up lah. My own fault. Dropped my phone. I guess it decided that it doesn't want to be dropped anymore so it spoilt. I dropped it dunno how many times before lah. But today it spoils. *sigh*
Didn't get to go to nadhiyah's house coz i had to go home early so that Hafiz won't be locked out of the house again.

Rekha!!!! Read my blog than never tag lah. Hmph. haha. anyway, good luck for your upcoming performance! Everything will go great ok? remember, lousy rehearsals means that it's going to be a great opening night! All the best! Love ya ok?

A walk down my friendship line...
Image hosted by
1A05: Miss you guys, LOTS!!! (sorry. only pic i have that can relate to 1A05...)
Image hosted by
05A22: Wish that people don't have to be lost... *sigh*
Image hosted by
IJC 1st student's council: Big challenges ahead. Our 1st major event tgt. We'll pull through ok?
My other IJC friends: You guys rawk too. =D
4/4 (2004): realized that i really miss the collective lameness of the class =D ( argh! Can't find a good pic. anybody has one?)
Image hosted by
JSSRCY commitee 03-04: I totally miss ALL the things we've gone through tgt.
Image hosted by
JSS 21st student council: you guys are incomparable. Nobody can beat working with you guys. 21st SC rawks!
Image hosted by
Finally, FaBuLouS: You guys are the best! It has been wonderful having you guys in my life and I never want the three of you to be out of it. Life has been so much sweeter with your presence.
Bibi: Love ya lots! hope tmr goes well okiez? Happy belated bdae!
Faiz: Have fun in Sydney!! Thanks for everything. Love ya.
Lia: Love ya. Have fun and good luck with squash!

cheers! Love thy friends people, the way i do mine =D
Love you guys!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

so... I know I haven't been updating in a while. Well, guess why? That's because I haven't really been going online. Now you guys know... :) haha

so what has happened so far??
1. presentation for project work is finally over.
2. With the handing in of I&R, project work is officially over.
3. Still thinking whether should go for advance placement programme
4. had a "reunion"with a bunch of my fave gals (zara, joanne, yeda, weiling, me) too bad Rekha can't make it coz she's got rehearsal.
5. finally went to watch a movie after corpse bride AGES ago. Just Like Heaven is NICE..... must watch. haha
6. saving money to go watch ACJC's production of A Christmas Carol in support of Rekha. yes dear. We are going to go support you.... Anybody interested??? Don't forget. ACJC's productions are always worth watching. tix are going for $20 though.

anyway, advance placement(ap) programme. SHould I go for it??? Basically, if I'm successful after the screenings and the interviews etc, I'll have the chance to try life as a uni student studying economics at SMU every sat for the 1st 4 mth of next year. Its a wonderful experience but.... time??? *sigh* see how lah. Need to hand in the form by tue though.

aokiez lah. nothing much to write....


Saturday, November 05, 2005

late work sia

Okiez... Guess what time I went home today???

Reached home at 11.30pm. *sigh* and its not because I go out have fun lah. It was because I was working on my project work stuff at Weiling's house. Damn crap... Cooked food for our presentation. Wanted to do filming but we encountered like one problems after another. Memory card not enough space, then battery flat. Irritating. Now I'm very tired after sleeping at 1+ last night doing the website. After a whole day of going out visiting etc. *sigh*

( by the way, if you guys are interested in actually trying out healthy parsley recipes check out this website: Parsley Recipes )

anyway.. found out that today is send your messages to the wrong person day. 1st, Weiling actually wanted to sms her darling about something and she ended up sending it to Bryan. For myself, I wanted to sms Weiling about something and I accidentally sent it to Vern. Bryan wanted to SMS weiling in reply to her mistaken sms and accidentally sent it to somebody else. Its like a cycle or somthing. Very funny when you think about it.... haha.

okiez lah. I wanna sleep seh.. Tired. Luckily tomorrow no meeting. But there's still Sunday. whatever! project work's going to be over REALLY soon. Monday... Come quick!!!


Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm quite fed-up!!

argh!!!!I'm very fed-up now!!!
the day that i actually want to go to skool, I can't coz I've got fever. sheesh right?

nothing more to write. Just that i'm really mad. argh!!!


Thursday, October 27, 2005

just something super RaNdOm..
Ok.. no surprise right??? I am a very random person. *sigh*

Anyway... Just some stuff i picked over the net.

check out this link for a cool comic strip =D

anyway, since Faiz asked me to do this. I'll do it...
here goes....
seven things that will scare me:
(in no order of importance)
Not having a firm ground on my feet
flying insects
not being able to see the people i love
not being able to read
not having any of my senses
losing my identity

seven things that i like most:
(in no order of importance)
the people i love
seaside views
my computer (most of the times....)
books & comics (fiction ones. not school....)
my mp3 player= music
my bed

seven most important things in my room:
(in order of importance)
my bed

whatever book i'm reading at the time
my diary
photo albums
that door-hanger thingy =)

seven random facts abt me:
a very very short attention span
can't swim but loves the beach
always laughs to myself when i read comics
i'm actually a really shy person although i'm better now.
pack rat
not very good at keeping up with correspondence

seven things i plan to do b4 i die:
(in order of importance)
tell my love ones that i love them and always will
go haji, be a better muslim
get my dream job and be successful
take care of my family
find as many of my old friends as possible
get over my fear and do a high element properly!!!

seven things i can do:
cook for myself (coz i've got quirky taste)
look confident
look on the bright side of things

seven things i can't do:
be very sociable
keep myself occupied
tell people what i feel
concentrate on something without stopping every 10 secs
play an instrument

seven words i say the most:
go and die
funny mah??
anything lah

seven celeb crushes:
(i know people will say that some of my celeb crushes is weird.. whatever.)
clay aiken
christopher michael lee
johnny depp
tom felton (draco malfoy in harry potter)
tom cruise
jennifer garner
michael vartan

seven ppl i'd love to see doing this:
Bibi ( I noe faiz asked you too already but you haven't done it yet..)
kate (if she ever gets to read this)
MM Lee Kuan Yew =)
George Bush (just to see what he's actually scared off..) oops

ok. that's all. cheers!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm Always bored.....

100 things about me, Part 1.

Personal Data... Kinda
1. My name is Siti Rozianti. You can call me Siti, Rozianti or Yanti. NOT Rozi, auntie Rozi, etc...
2. I am born on 1st Oct 1998, making me 17 this year
3. I'm the youngest of 3 siblings.
4. However, i'm staying with my aunt & uncle where i am the older sister to my 2 cousins.
5. Like all families, (I'm sure) my family drives me nuts, but... love them too.
6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my friends. Thanks for being a wonderful bunch of people!!!!

My No 1 Love???
7. Call me a geek or wadeva, but i really love reading books. They are the things that keep me occupied.
8. Name any genre and I'd would have probably read AT LEAST one book in that genre.
9. Harry Potter books are pretty cool (oh... and the movie's coming out!!!) But so far, I've only owned book 6.
10. Thrillers are pretty rawking too. JD Robb's Eve Dallas series, Jeffrey Deaver books (even the location scout ones...), Kathy Reich, Tom Clancy, Matthew Reilley. This are just those I can name offhand.
11. I know Stephen King books are cool, but i just don't seem to have the ability to finish one. Its either i just can't (won't) spare the time or my over-active imagination cause me to scare myself.. you pick =)
12. I'm also a big fan of romance (yes... I can hear all the cries of WHY?????) I dunno why. I just do.
13. Classics. love them. They are NOT boring! This Dec hols, planning (if i have the time....) to read/re-read some of my faves. Jane Austen books, Charles Dickens books, War of the Worlds, Tale of 2 cities. I'm thinking of finding Wuthering Heights too.
14.The kid in me won't forget children's books. still love reading Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl....
15. Comics!!! Can't forget them!!! Love them.... let's see: Foxtrot, Baby Blues, Sherman's Lagoon, Garfield, Peanuts, Ziggy, Dilbert, Calvin&Hobbes, Archie.
16. Speaking of Archie, i have a WHOLE collection of Archie comics.
17. Finally, joke books. This is another genre where I have quite a LARGE collection.

More about me.....
18. I'm a major procrastinator. Why do something today that you can put of till tmr? (ok. Bad advice.)
19. I'm also very good at digressing. Give me a topic and i can bring you to another one that is just VAGUELY related.
20. I can be the most unmotivated person. Just look at the bunch of crafts that I have not finished. Especially cross-stitch. since promary skool (about 6 years ago??) till now...
21. My attention span is REALLY REALLY short. Sometimes I wonder if I have ADHD.
22. I'm a good listener. If friends need to talk, I WILL listen. Its when they don't talk that I get worried.
23. I'm an optimist. There are times when I'm down but usually I'm able to bounce back from a crisis really quickly. I firmly believe in looking at the bright side of life.
24. I'm a really emotional person. I cry really easily. even at the smallest things. Books, movies, tears of joy, anger, frustration, sadness.
25. I don't get angry very easily. Just frustrated. When I do get angry though, those around me better watch out.
26. I'm usually a good student. However, twice in my 4 years of Secodary school education I actually quarrelled with my teachers. *sigh* People usually can't believe that's me.
27. I can be a VERY sarcastic person. I'm currently out of practiec, but my best (or worst) can be even scarier than some people i can name.
28. I like crowds. Its because among a crowd, you are just one anonymous face in a sea of other faces.
29. I like being alone too. When you are alone, you are the only one that matters. You can be yourself, totally.
30. i usually follow rules but sometimes... some rules are just made to be broken.
31. To me... Life is about living and loving -- and being positive.

School =/
32. I'm a student at Innova Junior College. I'm also an "alumni" of Jin Tai Primary and Jurong Secondary.
33. i HATE maths! I just don't have the aptitude for numbers, i guess.
34. I enjoy science especially chemistry
35. A big lover of languages, language based subs, kinda. Aim to learn as many languages as possible.
36. I CANNOT draw for nuts. Nope... no artistic talent at all.
37. Sometimes... Friends are the only reason i go to school.
38. Literature. Economics. Malay. My life focus.
39. I have my future all mapped out. Hope i can achieve it. That's all.

Random Stuffs :)
40. Life IS beautiful. ==> but even beauty isn't perfect.
41. I seriously think i'm addicted to the internet or something. If you guys don't see me online as often, its most likely coz I'm going cold turkey =P
42. I have a SERIOUSLY independent streak.
43. I've never been in a relationship but I don't think I'm deprived. When the time is right....
44. i hate cameras! I am so unphotogenic.
45. I wish i'm taller. I use to want to be 165. Now I'd be happy with a 160 instead of my 158.
46. I can actually live without my handphone!!! haha
47. Rumours... sheesh. think they are self-explanatory isn't it?? not my cup of tea.
48. People always get this impression that I'm a good girl. oh well. at least its a good 1st impression. but they should be prepared to be surprised.
49. I dream to be a journalist. *sigh* must work REALLY hard.
50. it took me about 2 hours to create this list.


Part 2: likes/Dislikes. Hobbies??? Dreams/nightmares? More random stuffs.

thanks to Kate, Beaver, anya for the idea.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

WR is going to be over soon....

In less than an hour.....

WR WILL BE OVER for IJ012 real soon!!! yes!!!

*sigh* but once this is done. There's still OP to think about. But i really think that wouldn't require as much thinking as WR does. i'm so taxed now. And there's still anchor test tmr. must go study peribahasa.........

Anyway, aaron's beside me now and he said my entry's lame.... Oh well... I like lame. Can't help it if i'm lame. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

okiez.... I'm really bored. My brain's 3/4 dead after typing and re-typing and re-typing the WR for the past 2 days. Especially today...... okiez... whatever lah....

the queen of wateva (or so it says on the door hang-thingy that Wani, Faiz & zul gave to me)

going for chinese opera rehearsal in 2 days time.

Monday, October 17, 2005


hey everyone....

Life of boredom is quite cool.... haha....

actually there was A LOT that i wanted to write but..... i lost my train of thought.

*sigh* ok.... I'm really bored...

going offline to watch tv.....


chinese opera rehearsal: 5 days
mtao paper: 14 days
hari raya: 17 days

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Hey everyone...

Finally, my exams are over!!!! YES!!! I'm just gonna slack around and do my other stuffs and NOT think about studying until like 30/10 or something. And that's only for malay. Otherwise, school books and me?? So not happening until like next year or something. Also got other things to prepare for. Council there's orientation(who knows what we'll be doing), Hari Raya's coming up too =D And of course there's PW. but best of all... There's the temasek youth camp to look out for!!! Can't wait to camp out for 8 days!! And nope. I'm not being sarcastic. I've always loved camps but this camp is even more special!! muahahahahaha......

Anyway.. Met a crazy woman just now. I am sooooo not kidding. Details will be at a later post okiez?? Me going off now.



First Chinese Opera rehearsal: 9 days
MTAO paper:18 days
Hari Raya: 21 days

Friday, October 07, 2005

bored, sianz, unmotivated.

bored, sian, unmotivated.

That's just how i'm feeling right now. My studying momentum?? Just disappeared, just like that. *sigh* *double sigh*

I'm quite mad now. I don't believe that this had to happen lah. Why the hell accuse me without any basis. Am i not human? Dont I have feelings? Am I a robot to you?? Okiez. Maybe I sound ungrateful. After all you took care of me. *sigh* I'm just.. I don't deserve your unreal judgements. HAve some faith in me. I am 17 after all. I'm not 7 or even 1. I know how to take care of myself. I know how to be independent. I feel quite mean now. Shouldn't have bitched here? I dunno. At least this is a release as compared to me walking around the house with a angry expression on my face and bitchy thoughts in my head. *sigh*

Anyway, I just realized that blogger is back to normal. Finally. Or was it just my comp?? *sigh*

anyway.. gotta go study. I really don't wanna disappoint Mr Ng my econs teacher) and Cikgu Suhana (my Malay teacher) this Monday at the exams. You guys will most probably not see me over the weekends (online that is) as I will be doing intensive revisions.

Those who has already finished their exams, good for you!! Have fun!!!

Those who are like me and still "suffering": Come on guys!! You can do it. We can all pass well!!


Econs and MLA paper: 3 days
Lit paper:6 days (must rmb to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 7 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 15 days
Real MTAO paper: 24 days

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


wad I said yesterday about my classmates?? I take it back... I dunno. I think I'm one big confused mess now. *sigh*

Anyway. Soccer today was fun. Played it for PE. Our last PE lesson of the year. *sigh* gonna miss all the crazy PE lessons which was even more fun since recently, we don't have to run. haha... also gonna miss tommie chen. hope he becomes our PE teacher again next year.
Happy fasting to all my Muslim friends!!!

Siti( might be going back to skool tmr for consultation. *sigh* far...)

GP paper: 3 days
Econs and MLA paper: 6 days
Lit paper:9 days (must remember to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 10 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 19 days
Real MTAO paper: 27 days

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

naughty, tired, me??

Yay!!! Tmr start fasting!! i like it ok?? I think its great that I get this opp to fast and stuff!!

Very tired... Super sleepy. Haven't been able to get a good night's sleep very easily recenty. *sigh*

Just remembered... Need to prepare Lit file for collection tmr. Damn her... Whole class not feeling very favourable toward her.. Nah.. I shouldn't be mean. By being mean I'll just be transcending (correct usage of word?? can't be bothered to check) to her level. So i'm gonna wish her ALL the best in her life and wadeva lofty ambitions she may have esp in her working life. And I'm actually sincere. i mean, maybe she'll get promoted SUPER quickly or sth (fat hope) so that she won't have to be directly involved with students... I'm not going to be like some other bloggers who curse their teachers online and all that. I just wish she'll stop irritating the hell out of my class.

My class gonna do a class jacket. Mizundastood- Mugging Slackers. Cool slogan?? Get it done ASAP okiez?? I wanna bring it to the Temasek Youth Camp(TYC).

Speaking of which. I can't wait to go to the camp even if I have to do CHINESE OPERA... Its going to be such fun. Interacting not only with fellow Singaporean youths, I'll also be camping with youths from India, UK, China, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. How cool is that?? Making new friends with people from other countries. Can't wait, cant wait!!

However, going for the camp means that I have to forego my class chalet since it's on the last 3 days of the TYC. :( I really wanted to go. Besides the fact that I already paid $20 for it... But its ok. My class is gonna be chalet-ing at Sentosa and on the 2nd last day of the TYC, we'll be going to Sentosa. Gonna figure out a way to sneak out and crash the chalet. Technically speaking I won't really be crashing since its MY class chalet but... yupz. Haha. My TYC friends... Gotta help me figure out a way to sneak away... haha.

Inspite of the stress etc of skool and teachers, I feel like i'm having much more fun in skool now. Could be coz my class equilibrium is stable again and now it feels quite at ease except for 2 probems... I enjoy being with my classmates even more now..

Happy Birthday to Yun Kay by the way =)

Siti. (gonna go update her countdown which she negelected yesterday)

Start of fasting month: 1 day
GP paper: 3 days
Econs and MLA paper: 6 days
Lit paper:9 days (must remember to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 10 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 19 days
Real MTAO paper: 27 days

Sunday, October 02, 2005

another quickie

Project work meeting this morning. Vern and aaron not there. Get well soon aaron!! My sis was a "guest".. Went shopping with her =). She bought for me a new skool bag, I used my bdae money to buy a pair of earring and a bag to go out. happy happy. Followed her go buy shoe. Saw this really nice one I'd love to have for hari raya... hehe

sending songs to Bryan now...


Start of fasting month: 3 days
MLAO paper: 1 days
GP paper: 5 days
Econs and MLA paper: 8 days
Lit paper:11 days (must remember to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 12 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 20 days

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Happy birthday to me =D

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me, Bashirah and Anya
Happy birthday to us =)

Yay!! Today is the day i turn 17.... Haha.. okiez... Nothing much to write. *hmmm... where's my prezzies?? I'm kidding =)* Anyway... A big thank you to all my friends who has wished me. You guys are the best. Those that forgot... Its ok. I forgive you guys. Haha.


Start of fasting month: 4 days
MLAO paper: 2 days
GP paper: 6 days
Econs and MLA paper: 9 days
Lit paper:12 days (must remember to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 13 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 21 days

Friday, September 30, 2005

quickie =) ooohhh... ONE MORE DAY!!

Just a quick post to update my countdown list... Will continue studying (coz i started last week but totally stopped this week) tmr. *sigh* good luck to me!! I'm gonna ace the promos man... And to all my worried friends, so will you guys, DON'T WORRY!!

By the way people... I'm 16 years, 364 days today. *hint hint* =)


My birthday:1 day!!!!!!!
Start of fasting month: 5 days
MLAO paper: 3 days
GP paper: 7 days
Econs and MLA paper: 10 days
Lit paper:13 days (must remember to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 14 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 22 days

==nothing new to add today==

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Is it just my computer's fault or is it blogger's problem?? There seems to be something wrong here.... *sigh* I dunno lah. My computer is currently "a bug-infested nightmare" (quoted from one of my fave comics, Sherman's Lagoon). What the hell... think i need to debug my comp or sth... *sigh* anybody know how??

anyway, i know A LOT of my friends are like temporarily shutting down their blogs so that they can spend "more time studying". Well... Guess what?? I'm not gonna do that.. *yay* that's coz writing is just one of the ways I can use to de-stress myself and if i shut down my blog, then there's not much outlet for me is there?? yes, there's still my personal written diary but that's just not enough any more, i guess... *what am i talking?? Don't mind me if you don't understand what i'm saying... i'm just rambling and rambling and rambling....* anyway.. there's my countdown to maintain. So guys, you'll most likely see that my blog will be updated everyday.

Happy reading!!

Siti <3

My birthday:2 days
Start of fasting month: 4/6??
MLAO paper: 4 days
GP paper: 8 days
Econs and MLA paper: 11 days
Lit paper:14 days (must remember to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 15 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 23 days

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

wad seh...

Is it my fault that her "no" sounded like "go" ?? Fine then... why didn't call me back. Sheesh...

haha... Nothing much to write lah. Just wanna update my countdown list... Hmmmm... I wonder is it stupid and reckless of me not to feel a sense of urgency when my exams are really so near?? Its like I don't really feel anything, yet i know that this is an especially important exam. *sigh* I dunno lah... Its not like as if i'm well prepared for it either... *sigh*


My birthday: 3 days
MLAO paper: 5 days
GP paper: 9 days
Econs and MLA paper: 12 days
Lit paper:15 days (must remember to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 16 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 24 days

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

should i go home??

Hey there!!

Should i go home?? I'm like still feeling very dizzy and i was quite unstable when i was walking to skool lah. I think like during civics i'm gonna approach Mdm C and tell her i'm goin home. I actually have 2 days MC right?? Maybe that's why the doctor gave me 2 days break. Should have listened to the one who knows better right?? *sighs*

Anyway... As usual, on a tue morning, i'd either be in my skool comp lab or library. Since i'm typing now, I am of course in the comp lab lah.. haha. anyway.. Guess that's all for now.


My birthday: 4 days
MLAO paper: 6days
GP paper: 10 days
Econs and MLA paper: 13 days
Lit paper:16 days
Temporary freedom: 17 days!!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Doctors failing tests??

Hey everyone....

There is something wrong with my computer... What the freak.... Crap lah.... How to do work??

Anyway.. Those who thought that I pon skool today for no good reason please repent and ask for forgiveness. Haha... Joking. But i really was sick lah. Fever, flu, cough headache. My aunt damn bad lah... Say i having dengue. What seh...

So since i was sick, i went to see the doctor. Hey... I got 2 days leave from skool. But i think i'm going to skool tmr lah. Coz exams is like just next week. *sigh* I wish i didn't have to take MC just now. One day wasted.

Anyway, had an interesting conversation with my doctor. He asked me what year i'm in. When i told him that I'm in JC year one, he had this grimace on his face. The doctor actually winced. He then asked me how is JC life nowadays and i said that its super stressing and all that. Guess what?? He vehemently agreed with me. Take note, he is probably like 40++, yet when he remembers his 1st JC year he still winces?? He was saying how it was fun but there's just so many things and its like there's just NO time to do everything. He also said that he used to fail his tests too... Like a doctor, failing tests in year 1?? Wow... but its great lah. He knows exactly what i mean when i talk about the stress of a JC student. But he did say that as times pass and you get use to it, life will get so much easier. I really hope so. *alfred... This is for you! It's ok if you are failing now, you can still be a gynaecologist in the future!! Yay!*

So... I should be back in skool tmr. Don't think i'd be 100% well but i should at least be better than today.. Hopefully. And ya... Can finally hand in ALL my backlog. Can also finally really settle down and start my studies for exams... 2 more weeks... Haha... I have the best wishes of my doctor when he found out that my exams is like within the next 3 weeks.... I am going PASS!!


My birthday: 5 days(mwahahaha)
MLAO paper: 7 days
GP paper: 11 days
Econs and MLA paper: 14more days
Literature paper: 17 more days

Sunday, September 25, 2005

not gonna write much.

Just wanna ask you guys to maybe check this out: